My First Publicity Photo, No Hair, Teeth or Makeup,… What a Doll!~

I was looking through some old pictures and came across my first publicity photo, taken  many years ago. Notice they spelled my name wrong.

When I was thirteen we moved and that doll was left, sitting on a top shelf, all alone. Heavy sigh! My mother kept insisting it was packed. She lied!  During those thirteen years, I only touched it once and that was for this picture..

My mother thought it was cursed or something.

 I had gotten very ill after that picture was taken and nearly died. So, no matter how many times I told my mother I wasn’t dead, she still wouldn’t let me play with the doll.

I remember staring up at it, sitting all by itself, in its box, thinking how pretty she looked.  Every day I said, hello to her. One day I made an attempt to drag a chair over to the shelf and try and reach her.  I nearly fell off the shelf, and I nearly got caught.

 Luckily my sister, my partner in crime, had wanted to play with her, too.  She had been holding the chair steady.  She stood by silent, as my mother waggled her fingers at us and told us over and over again, how that doll got me sick…

Poor pretty little doll! She seemed so lonely.

My mother must have thought my comics were cursed; she tossed them out when I was fifteen.

I copied the flip side of that newspaper clipping; Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth and Kim Novak. 

Do you have something special, that your parents tossed out when you weren’t home?

14 thoughts on “My First Publicity Photo, No Hair, Teeth or Makeup,… What a Doll!~”

  1. That is very sad you didn’t get to play with your doll Gerardine. My heart goes out to you, but you do have the picture to remember it by. People back then did believe like that.

  2. awe babe, being doll less is tragic, like a bette davis melodrama, glad u survived though this world would not have been the same without my pal gerardine and nature would have been dull, excellent post and thanks for always being there xxx

    1. william,
      You are sweet! Not so bad as bette davis, my father brought me home a doll when I was around six, at fourteen my mother gave it away when I was at school. I am seeing a pattern here..

      Thank you for your kind words. Have a beautiful day!


  3. everyone aging,
    we need help when we are young or when we are too old to take care of ourselves…
    enjoy your babyhood.
    thank you for stopping by.

  4. I once had a beautiful late seventies syle coat (it was brand new at the time), I loved that coat but I kept leaving it in all the wrong places. One day my mom grabbed it up off of my floor and carried it away. She gave it to the neighbors kid. She said If I really loved it, I would have taken better care of it. I was mad for the longest time!

    I can’t get over your mom purposly leaving that doll behind. What a fabulous piece of history it would make now.

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