Outward Motion~Poetry


By Gerardine Baugh


Movement consists of more than outward motion

It starts inside, before the physical self even notices

Cells inside, twist and turn excited,

A figure frozen inside a watery globe,

Still… as an outside force shakes up my world

Like, that cat, posed on the edge of a step, halting time

Pretending not to be there

Not to be seen, it, balances on two feet

Halfway between here and there

A tree, shifts besides me, outside forces, caught in this time

Movement, from the air, the birds, the occasional human passing by

Inside the wooded trunk, green leaves, whipping branches, wiggle

And, dance along its rings, time, serpentine in its veins

Having felt the outside forces, pulling in different directions

I have to stop, dig my feet in, and wait out the storm

Pretend that my world isn’t in the hands of a giant

A lie I need to hear

Twisting and turning my sphere, peering through the thin veil of water

Shaking up, the glittering, confusing mess that hovers, betwixt

As I stand frozen deep inside my orb, my life

Pretending I haven’t moved, waiting for everyone to look away

For then I can leap off the step, swim through the disjoined particles

I am tired of waiting, hiding in the shadows

Oh, hell! Watch me all you want, see me fly!


2 thoughts on “Outward Motion~Poetry”

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