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Nanowrimo Day 6 Freytag for the letter ‘F’

Freytag Triangle has your story starting at  Act 1: Character and setting.

 Follow all the steps of the Freytag pattern. Start at Act 1 with characters you introduce to the reader, along with your stories world/setting and the theme, then hint at what is to come.

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The story crisis/tension rises up as our character is deciding to do something. To accept the challenge right out, or to reluctantly start moving forward.

Each step ‘up’ that triangle you are adding to the drama/crisis/tension until your main character -the protagonist- decides to take a stand and changes into the star of your novel. *** Or keeps making mistakes until you kill him off. *** {{GRIN}}


The shape of these steps will depend on the type of book you are writing: Mystery, Romance etc. and how you want it to end.


One thing for sure, your main character will change by the end or maybe not.  Sherlock Holmes stays the same, as does 007.


Now I am confusing myself.


The Freytag Triangle is just another way to layout your novel.

You know Freytag?  He was a German novelist and play write.  He wrote, “Die Technik des Dramas” translated to , “The technique of the drama” I found that book on line HERE.


I got up early hoping to get in some quality writing time. I was able to write 1,187 words.  I am hoping to hit 2,000 words.

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I saw that setting up a Blog post is similar to following Gustav Freytag’s triangle.

“Freytag uses the Dramatic structure and separates a drama in five parts or acts that includes exposition or introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and denouement or catastrophe or resolution. “ ~

  • I start at the beginning –Who or what is this about- then climb up that slippery smooth wall-What information do I want to convey-
  • Then at the very painfully pointy top, I see what I need to write -and have come to the realization on how to proceed,-
  • Then I slide on my butt down the other side – following the path to a climax and resolution.
  • That is- if I want to get out of here in time for supper. I am hoping, that like the slide at the local playground, I find something soft to land on. –
  • And then the piece comes together and I impart some wisdom, coming out of this with some information I didn’t have when I started.


Here is the Five-Act Structure and the Three-Act Structure.

Five-Act Structure

Act 1 =Exposition

Act 2=Complications

Act 3=Climax

Act 4 =Falling action

Act 5 =Catastrophe

Three-Act Structure.

ACT 1=Set-up

ACT 2= Confrontation

ACT 3= Resolution

The three act can be placed into the  Five-Act Structure

Roll the dice as you create; create  your own unique structure.