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Day 18 #NaNowrimo ‘R’ Research without telling a thumper

Research! Research! Research!

I feel like a kid running in circles after eating a ton of sugar. I love searching out information. So much so that I get lost in the mundane and lose my plot line.  Too much information is a hindrance. Too little has the same effect.


Researching your novel helps to add that touch of realism.  Double checking your information will ensure that your readers will not be taken out of your story, due to a  timeline  that doesn’t connect with real timeframes. There is so much information to find, that you should double check sources. Keep a detailed list.

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Finding this information on your own can be overwhelming.
Do an Internet search by using what you want to find, and adding dot org (.org) as the extension. This will pull up government sites, colleges, medical, and everything else. Be very specific with your search it will save you time.

The difficult history of Russian Jews

You don’t want to be pointed out as ‘telling a thumper,’ unless your characters are out of the 1800s. “American Slangisms’ from the NPR history dept.

Nautical Language Here…

Research can take time. Research can be used to find out how you need to protect your rights. Look into them  here… Author Rights

If you are looking for statics of immigration, Homeland Security is where you will find that information.

These are amazing sites with so much information you can get lost. Use your computer and pen and paper to keep on track.


Check out your own local library online resources.

U.S. History: Here 

Internet History HERE

Teaching History

Authors Guild HERE

“Les fossoyeurs se mirent a rechercher la tombe qu’ils avaient préparée.”~
Ben Jelloun, Tahar La nuit sacrée


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