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Welcome to my Nature Walk Blog!

 My name is Gerardine Baugh, Writer, Poet and lover of nature. My Blog is about a snapshot of life!  A moment frozen in time!   

My focus could be on my garden or the wild life that lives around me, insects, birds, or any of the four legged creatures that share my time on this planet. I may write about the weather, the moon, or the sky.  I will take you for a walk through my small town, and back out into the country side.

Living in a place filled with the colors and foliage of life has been my dream. Writing about what I see and interact with- is my passion.

I write what I would like to read.

I hope you will come and read and share my journey through this small part of our earth. A place filled with colors, music and life, all wrapped up in a simple walk in nature.

If you have any tips on how to garden in a green fashion. Please send me an email. I will acknowledge your contributions and if you have a Blog, or Web Site I will gladly link to them.

If you have something you would like me to write about, please, send me an email and I will answer you.

This Blog is continually being updated.

Thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to sharing my Nature Walks with you!

Gerardine Baugh


**When Sending me email, Please add in subject line; Nature Walk Blog

That way I won’t accidentally delete your message. And your questions and comments will remain in top priority! **

5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your beautiful words. You have a wonderful soul and it’s weaved so beautifully among the pages and prose of this blog. Thank you for sharing your soul. The world is a better place for it!

  2. We comment back and forth, today I finally find “About Me” and read you, I love the flowers in your yard, pretty, fresh, live, and full of smiles.

    wishing your life as beautiful as those gorgeous flowers.
    Green is vivid, live, and full of energy…

    what a quiet, inspiring, and inviting garden you have planted here….

    you Deserve The Best.

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