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Sunday in a Super Minute Cat needs food

Sunday in a super minute

Yes, I admit it. I am having a brain fog day. So, I ask myself, where will an idea immerge from- for today’s blog post. I can pick up a book, I muttering and pick up my cat, Karou, and wander aimlessly around the house. Futzing with this, straightening that. Then I unscrew the top of the cat food container. I had ordered some cat food yesterday, from PetSmart, but it won’t be delivered until Tuesday.

What! What!

I lift off the top to look inside, then Karou looks inside. Her ears go back, then up, then they swirl around. Her eyes grow bigger and she got a look that said, ‘Oh, no! We gonna starve.”

What! We need to buy more food, Now!

At that point, the Russian Blues, Kenji and Enishi, saunter into the kitchen like a couple of at ease looking-for-trouble kitties; until Karou leans out of my arms and sends out a silent, yet very loud, call for them to come and take a look. Which they did, with a silent leap up to the counter, where both of them, take turns sticking their heads in their nearly empty cat food container.

If you have cats, then you would recognize that look… ‘We all gonna die’ panic that takes over when their cat bowl is showing a smidgen of the bottom of the dish, even when their food container is filled to the brim- they will still panic. And now, with a couple of cups of food left, they could not believe their eyes or their noses. They look not-once, not -twice, but five times- then the panic set in. Then the depression.

So sad

At first, they stare at each other; doing that silent talking thing they do, then they leap off the counter and race around the kitchen checking and counting bowls. (Yes, real cats can count) Two of their dishes were missing. One was in the dish drainer. The other in the living room, where, Tomoe had me bring it earlier, she had gotten hungry while watching Hercules (She does need her fix of Kevin Sorbo)

I love Hercules

I had to stop their silent call for a new commander in chief/head honcho/ President/ a new alpha. They were in a hyper state of panic. Their food bins were two cups short of empty. Call out the troops! Everyone, pack up we are being kicked out! Quick, someone grab the catnip! Where are my toys! EEEEK!

I am upset

Then, Michael walks into the kitchen. He looks around and snickers, picks up the empty dish, adds food to it, then sets it back on their table. He disappears for a moment as he retrieves the cat bowl from the living room.

The panic vibration level drops instantly. They shook off the worry as they start eating.

Mmmmm! Food

Now in my mind, I hear him saying. ‘You were right, their food should have been ordered last week’.

Instead, he looks straight at me and says, “It’s your fault,” then he adds,  I’ll go to Jewel and pick up some Iams tomorrow”

My eye twitches and I ask, “Why not tonight?”

“I still have one coke left.” Karou chirps. Michael scoops her up and heads back to his Xbox.

All is well