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Day 21 ‘U’ University Presses find a publishers

Day 21

U for UBI SUNT MOTIF , Latin, for “Where are….?” Some medieval European poems begin with that Latin phrase, “Where are they?” then ends with death. Very morbid

Here is the full phrase: “Ubi sunt qui ante nos fuerent?” Meaning, ‘Where are those who were before us?’

Example: “The Ballade of Dead Ladies,”
“Tell me now in what hidden way is
Lady Flora the lovely Roman?”

Dante Gabriel Rossetti [1828-1882] Read the rest HERE

Amazing as this poem is with dead ladies, I actually picked the ‘U’ for University Presses.

“University Presses generally publish books of scholarly nature or of specialized interest by authorities in given field.” From my copy of, The Writer’s Handbook, 1980

If you are looking to get your work published by one of the many University Presses, make sure to follow their guidelines to the letter. Each university press has an Author resource page stating how to submit your work.

Here is a link to the Oxford University Press- Submitting a Proposal

Confused about where to start looking? Try here at the Association of University Presses.

“The Association of University Presses has more than 140 members located around the world”~ Membership list.

Just to name a few:
University of Alabama Press
University of Illinois Press
University of North Texas Press
Manchester University Press
University of Notre Dame Press
Oxford University Press
The University of West Indies Press
Woodrow Wilson Center Press
Yale University Press

Check out the amazing list of University Presses.
Here is the link to the complete list. You will find websites, Blogs, Facebook and Twitter links.

Plan on taking your time while surfing these sites. Find what you need, make notes, take screenshots, scroll to the very bottom of the page to see even more information. and remember to keep copies of each place you submitted. Read over the information. You will have to inform them if you have an open submission sent to another


‘U’ for University Presses.

Unicorns would have been a colorful ‘U’ or dangerous. Careful with that horn. The earliest description  of a Unicorn was in Greek literature , described as “…Onoi Monokerata (One-Horned Asses).” You can read more HERE.