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Day 22 ‘V’ NaNoWriMo Types of verbs

“Words had an energy and power and I came to respect that power early. Pronouns, nouns, and verbs were citizens of different countries, who really got together to make a new world” (Audre Lorde, interviewed by Karla M. Hammond, Denver Quarterly, Spring 1981).

This will be a short post for the letter ‘V’

A verb shows the state of being, the subjects action, state of being ( am, are is, have been, was seem) or equation.

A verb shows an action: runs, jumps, is going, has been cleaning.

Typically verb tenses past, present, or future.

Helping verbs; had and been.

A two-word main verb: show up.

Complete verb  (I am paddling in the pool) or not complete verb  (I paddling in the pool)

Voices that are active, passive, middle (when the subject of the verb does action unto itself.) and imperfect, future, perfect, pluperfect, (same aspect as perfect yet results of that action moved farther into the past, translation for pluperfect is “I had loosened”) or aorist (this isn’t a tense at all it describes indefinite or underlined action. Latin word aoristos meaning ‘without boundaries or “I have loosened”)

Verb tense aorist: “… in Classical Greek, expressing action or, in the indicative mood, past action, without further limitation or implication.” ~

Then there are the moods: Indicative, Imperative, Subjunctive, Jussive, and Optative. Optative has shown up in the New Testament as a wish/prayer or potential statement.

Many languages use one form of a verb for singular subjects and a different form for plural subjects.

Here is another ‘V ‘for today. ‘V’ For Valar.

The Valar, which are John Ronald Reuel Tolkien’s creation.

As you are creating your own world, take some time to delve into the amazing world of Tolkien’s mythology.

The Valarare characters in J. R. R. Tolkien’s legendarium. They are “angelic powers” or “gods” subordinate to the one God they are the most powerful of the Ainur who chose to go into the World (Arda) ~ Wikipedia