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Looking For Something I Can’t See

I am back to the book E by Pam Grout…

I did the first experiment, The Dude Abides Principle, I asked the universe for a sign and I am still waiting; it could be I missed it, so I am giving the Universe a second chance to send that sign. So by the 12th at 3:32 PM I want that sign. And by the way, Thank you! You’re doing a great job. (Hey, doesn’t hurt to suck up, right!)

Today’s chapter and Experiment #2

The Volkswagen Jetta Principle: 

In this chapter, Pam Grout mentions physicist David Bohm, then shortens his theory by referencing a Walmart, then she states she’s not a fan of Walmart. Yes, They were both mentioned in the same paragraph.

If you are interested I found a PDF copy of David Bohm’s book, ‘Wholeness and the Implicate Order’ HERE.

As for Walmart, they may have thousands of products on their shelves, but what I have noticed, is how name brands are slipping away. Just saying.

Pam Grout writes about not being aware of things even if they are right in front of you. She writes that the human condition chooses to stay within their “comfort zones’ within ‘a comfort zone of negativity’….”…jumping from one depressing thought to another…”

She speaks of the phenomenon called, ‘collapse of the wave’ she states, “…it’s the moment someone looks at these energy waves, they solidify…”

My thought is that when anything disrupts the flow, then the flow will change. Sort of like the wind or water changes its flows when it runs into something. When something changes in our universe/life then our perception changes. Which is why most people hate change; it drops the floor out from under us, swirls it into an unrecognizable mess, until we can focus again.

“Learn to seek within for all the answers. Take time to be still, and find the answer in the silence. Never despair if it does not come immediately.” ~ Findhorn Inspiration

On to today’s Experiment #2.

For the next two days, you are to search out colors.

Pam’s instructions are to look for a specific color, in a thing of your choice, for the first 24 hours.

Say your intention out loud, ‘I hereby intend, for the next day of my life, to look for (name the specific item and color)  Black skunks with white stripes.’ This one may be too easy; I should change it to bright green leaves on a bush. Huh! Try that one universe; it’s the middle of winter.

The second twenty-four hours your intentions will change to a different thing, in a different color. Her example was yellow butterflies. (Again, winter here.) Pam writes that a friend found yellow butterflies in a stationary store, another friend asks for a free cup of coffee.

I have to think more about this one. Maybe a suitcase of green Bills with Benjamin Franklin’s picture on them.

Now on to the last page in this chapter, page 51 and the ‘Lab Report Sheet.’ On this sheet, I am to add up how many of those colorful things I had asked the universe to show me,  how many actually showed up.

Remember this is all to take place within 48 hours.

I am sure the universe can multitask; I am awaiting that sign from the first lesson.