Michael’s Pictures Of The Kitties. ~Or, The Rulers Of Michaels Universe!~

These pictures were taken by Michael. 

Cats love to nap!



Kaoru and Sanosuke are tiny compared to Kenshin. He is a big boy.


Tomoe and Sanosuke are climbers.

Kaoru was sleeping under my blankets, when Sanosuke woke her up by sitting on her.
PJ taking a catnap

16 thoughts on “Michael’s Pictures Of The Kitties. ~Or, The Rulers Of Michaels Universe!~”

    1. Viola,
      I read your poem, I love your style. Your poetry is full of history and life. Thank you for letting me know it was posted. Everyone head over to Viola’s Blog.
      Have a wonderful day!

  1. I think u two have such a talent for takin pics these are awsome, tell Michael I love them xxxx typing softly here so I dont wake them up heheh xx

  2. Yes, I think there’s one or two of Henry the cat on the flickr photoshoot halfway down my blog. I looked after Henry for a couple of weeks when he was a kitten and he spent most of the time biting, stratching, jumping on me and taking swipes at me with his paw! An amazing cat.

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