Winter Walk In Illinois~

Yesterday afternoon I trudged out back with my camera. The sun was shining brilliantly and I thought I may just capture a picture of that Pheasant.

The snow was still brightly white. Not like in town, or further out on the highway, where the snows have changed to a dirty grayish black.

I walked over the low, beginning section of the path and followed the slight incline to the back.

It never dawned on me that there was even a breeze, until I walked past an evergreen and was pushed backward by the wind.  Looking at the icy snow ahead of me, I cut across the field; following Uriah’s paw prints and connected to the path heading back home.

The ground tilted upward, so I was just under the line of wind, slightly. That wind wasn’t skimming across the ground it was higher up in the trees. I watched the tree tops move when the gust picked up.  The wind was bitter cold. I was glad to be shielded by the trees.

Oddly, when I wasn’t in the wind, the air felt like spring. I even found some green moss  shining through the snow.

I stopped and decided to search out the nest of mice, that were living  in the tops of the Bog Willows. I wrote about them in an earlier Blog:

 I was happy! The nest was empty…

As I headed back home, I turned on the video, which I really need to learn how to edit..

I found the Pheasants tracks and ironically followed them back towards the house. I didn’t see the Pheasant. Little bugger was probably watching me from the trees…

9 thoughts on “Winter Walk In Illinois~”

  1. awe Gerardine this video has just made my day, how cute was Uriah, running up to you for a buscuit lol, he just strolled up that path as if he owned it, lol, this was superb, thanks for posting, felt like we were on the walk with you…:)

  2. william,
    thank you, now I have to figure out how to edit, I know it isn’t that hard. Just need the time.

    That was the same spot the coyote ran out of the grass and trees. I was hoping he would do it when I had the video on..maybe next time.xx

    Also, Uriah didn’t realize I was filming or his head would have been hanging low.

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