Touch A Shadow~


Beneath my bed,

                          dark shadows turn to liquefied silk,  

                                                                                  To flow into a feline form.

I search out her eyes.

Eyes which I know are closed against my gaze. I tap on the bed.

A glimpse of radiant green and gold flash and claws, sharp, pluck at the carpet.

With a whisper, I beckon a response.

Subtle, soft purls roll out from under the bed. Blackness unfolds, stretches in isolation. To form a sleek velvet puddle that touches my hand.

Claws retracted.  I feel only soft fur and pad.  

We lay. 

           Paw to hand.  

                                I sigh. 

She purrs.




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39 thoughts on “Touch A Shadow~”

  1. I cannot have cats in Malaysia so,
    I am really happy that hubby is keeping cats
    in Seoul .
    Especially now that Alexys is there, she is really
    enjoying the cats.

    I love your poem.
    You are so loving.


  2. I agree with Jingle u can put your hand to ANYTHING, and wow the pic of the cat is gorgeous, this was an aswome post dear, loved the imagery in this poem, thanks for all your kind remarks and your email, wishing you a BLOGTASTIC thursday xx

  3. I am always a bit jealous when people connect with their cats. I have never had one myself, but I’ve never met a cat who seemed less than irritated of my presence.

    Enjoyed your beautiful words!

  4. In every poem I read, I try to find at least one line that I would undeniably own. Here, it is “dark shadows turn to liquefied silk.” That’s a marvelous communication and metamorphosis of texture.

    It makes me giggle because it leads my thoughts directly to a snuggly fluid. Well…that, and soy milk, but I can’t help that. >.>

    Thank you for posting this for us. 😀

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