Imagine All The Pheasants~

The skies are grey and very dreary looking. I stood out in the yard next to the deck.  I really wanted to head back inside and drink my coffee hot today. Uriah ran up to me still holding his milk bone in his mouth, wagging his tail madly and looking towards the back path.

 I could hear him begging, “Come on! Let’s go! Let’s take a walk!” He sat down then stood up and turned in a circle.   

“Ok! Ok!” I grumbled and Uriah  happily turned and trotted away.

 I didn’t have my camera. I looked back at the house. Nope!  I’m not heading back inside. I could hear the Blue Jays screaming ahead of me, and the high pitch screech of a Hawk as he floated somewhere above me. No! That pheasant won’t be showing up today.

I carefully walked over the snow and broken ice, through the path and stopped. Facing the snow filled drainage area in front of me, I turned to the right and stepped over the muskrat holes.

Uriah had disappeared into the trees to the North.  Suddenly, he started barking. I could hear him crashing through the trees and  dry grass.

 Worried, I turned towards the sound. Just in time to watch the Pheasant fly upwards, out of the trees. It flew at least forty feet, complaining loudly and clumsy landed on a branch. From there, it perched unsteady and watched me, standing in the snow covered field.

I turned away and kept walking. Uriah ran past me, his hackles were up, and he looked very proud of himself.

I called after him and grumbled.  “You couldn’t have done that yesterday when I had my camera?”

He gave me a doggy grin and rolled in a patch of frozen snow.


Just and FYI- The photo above was taken on the 2nd. The Pheasant landed on one of those heaver branches, today…

14 thoughts on “Imagine All The Pheasants~”

  1. I envy your close relation with your pet, 😉
    although U r trying to make a living in arts,
    U always included those innocent and kind pets such as dogs and cats in your life,
    how cool your heart is…

    Bless U,
    Happy Sunday!

  2. awe now wasn’t that a surprise he/she turned up when u didnt have the camera, lol think u should have went with your instinct and went back, lol this pheasant is in my sites to be shot, not by a gun lol but by Gerardines camera, I wait with baited breath xxl ovely post, happy sunday 🙂

    1. william,
      Everyone turned up today. I had the camera downstairs, I walked up in the kitchen and a red-tail Hawk was staring in the window at me. LOL! By the time I got the camera the cats were at the window and he was gone. Next time. xx

  3. Gerardine, awards are raining (in the comments) ! You deserve them. You’ll get to take a picture of the pheasant soon, you’ll see.

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