Magnolia Buds

Magnolia Buds

by Gerardine Baugh 



Green buds grew overnight

The weather had warmed

Lying to the flowers,

Bushes and trees

It called out

Spring is here

Gliding around the house

The winds softly sighed

And repeated the rumor

Green buds appeared

Soft, fuzzy, avocado green

Buds the size of my finger tips

This worried me,

Freezing winds stung my face,

Burning my bare hands

Ice had recaptured the ground

Winter is suppose to solidify

Send life to sleep

And then, reawaken it in spring

Not freeze and refreeze

Green buds and weakened roots

Exposed to water and ice

Damage can be done

They will shiver and shake, and

Continue to sleep

When spring really does arrive

Underneath the magnolia

I stepped onto the ice

Unsteady and thin

It cracked


Cold water

Ran over and in to my shoes

I shivered

This is for Jingles, “Thursday Poets’ Rally!”

29 thoughts on “Magnolia Buds”

  1. Good evening:

    Beautiful poetry,
    Hope and Joy are in the making,
    you see it in nature,
    I see it in your words,
    stay put,
    keep your dreams alive,
    the bliss will touch you
    like spring flowers
    and spring showers,…

    very insightful poem
    wonderful spirits..

    😉 🙂

  2. wow, I love the photo of Urish on top,
    it is a picture which sets everything in motion,
    if you have different mood,
    you may understand the picture differently,
    but the photo shot itself is classical and quality one …

  3. Good morning Gerardine, what an awesome poem you have written. The flow is perfect, and you painted a beautiful picture tor all your readers to see as they read line from line. I enjoyed your poem very much.

  4. awe Gerardine, im getting a wee bit sad, no post again 🙂 I know your busy lol but have some consideration for your readers lol xx glad all is well with my blog now, todays post has been posted 🙂

  5. That was interesting . I love your finesse that you put into your post . Please do move forward with more like this.

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