Uriah, Coyotes And A Wolf Moon~

It was close to eight o’clock when I stood outside in the drive way, waiting for my dog to do his business.

I looked up into the beautiful night sky. Smiled at the full moon and the sprinkling of stars- then I remembered my camera. I ran in the house, and ran back outside.

I clicked and adjusted the specs. The pictures looked like a big white fuzzy spot on black.

I turned off the camera and called to Uriah. I was standing at the door, when behind me the howling started. A stray sound that echoed across the snow covered fields. The coyotes were singing to the moon.

I hit the video button and crossed my fingers this works. Uriah complained a little. I thought I heard a train. Suddenly, one of the coyotes howled very close by, somewhere in the trees to the east of us.  The fur on Uriah’s neck stood up and he made a movement towards the sound.

A few seconds later everything was very still.

It was very dark outside! This video is very hard to see! Please, turn your sound up.


9 thoughts on “Uriah, Coyotes And A Wolf Moon~”

  1. OMG Gerardine, thanks..I put on the video to watch and Carmen my dog is barking her head of LOL, she heard Uriah barking and thought it was a dog outside lol, she is still barking as I write this hehehe..

    This was superb, now your turning out videos eh, lol what next, this camera has turned u into a monster lol, but im really glad u did it, great story as well.. now to calm carmen down she is having a fit lol..

  2. william,

    Carmen was able to enjoy the movie too! Wonderfully funny!

    My old cat was sitting in the chair next to me when I was trying to figure out how to change the format, so I could set it on Youtube. And he kept staring at the speakers each time. The cats like when I play bird sounds.

    Now I have a sound for dogs.

    Have a great weekend!!

      1. The truth is that our eyes have a better dynamic range than the camera sensor. You can’t imagine how many times I’ve taken a picture only to discover what the camera captured and what I saw were not the same. Something bright and detailed may be all blown out in the photo, or textured shadows come out flat in the photo.

        Taking good pictures in extreme conditions is hard.

        But, at least, you did capture a bit of the moon.

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