Playing With My Camera~ Smile For William!

Most of the snow ,that was on the ground yesterday, is gone today.  It has been raining, making everything wet, dreary and muddy. I was a little disappointed when I saw the view was so blah!

Kenshin is a ham when it comes to pictures.

Uriah hates the camera! Every time I pointed it at him he turned  away, or just  sat down with his back to me.  He wanted to take a walk.  I told him to smile for William, only then did he face the camera.

I gave up and came back in the house, where Kenshin started making a heavy sighing sound at me and turning in circles. I asked him, what was wrong? He took me to my computer, and then looked out the window at the outside kennel.

It took me some time to capture what was out there, between Uriah outside the window and Kenshin inside, I wasn’t catching anything.  Can you see what I finally saw?

26 thoughts on “Playing With My Camera~ Smile For William!”

  1. awe Geraridne wow, what a great pic you got of my pal Uriah a cracker, yes Carmen my wee one is the same she hates the camera and runs a mile, these pictures were/are simply beautiful, next action would be to get a snap of the ghost bird lol, thanks a million these made my day, and btw your darn good at the old photography, must take after your daughter lol.

  2. I am glad that you have added features in your blog,
    those pictures are absolutely fresh and cute to look at,
    my mood is shifted when I look at it more than once…

    Have A Great Day,
    jingle 😉

  3. lol its me again, wow I never realized till I read the comments that the pic with the wee figure in the pic was a rat lol, the cheeky blighter, I have seen it all now, well done dear catching it and showing us on film….:)

    1. richard,
      Uriah seems to be afraid of the rat. He likes playing with Kenshin, except I have to watch them. Uriah has very hard nails that can be dangerous to a smaller animal.
      Makes me wonder why he doesn’t step on the rat?

    1. william,
      That is Uriah, upset because I filled the path with water..LOL!I wasn’t too happy when I spotted that.

      That water evaporated fast in the cold weather. Now the path is filled with broken ice
      Glad you liked it.

    1. william,
      I couldn’t get the picture up on my blog, but if you click on the words it will take you to ebay, where you can see it clearly. At least thats whats suppose to happen.LOL

  4. Let me know if you will post a poem to share tomorrow,
    I did not put you or many others in yet because I need their words of approval, it saves trouble when I get permissions, otherwise, I post their names, then if they don’t post a poem or comment, then my group of supporters get disappointed…

    I know you have done your due in commenting, thus if you say you will do poem tomorrow, i will get your link in instantly…

    Glad that you have so many precious gifts to share…
    happy for you,
    Best. 😉

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