Slip, Sliding Away~ Or, Go The Way Of The Ice

I stuck my head out the door and instantly decided to stay inside until spring.

That didn’t go over well with Uriah, or Kenshin. Both the dog and cat wanted outside. Uriah for bathroom duty and Kenshin had a wild look in his eye; he wanted me to walk him around on the deck so he could sniff the air.

”Nope!”   I shook my head at Kenshin, who is an indoor cat.

 He frowned and decided to look out the window.  Uriah happily wiggled out the door.

I pulled on my coat, hat, and gloves.  Grabbed my ski poles and reluctantly I stepped outside. Every thing was coated in black ice, the type that looks like wet pavement, but really isn’t.

Uriah was slipping around the driveway following a scent.

I leaned against the garage doors and listened to the winds howling through the trees. The deck boards creaked and the rain gutters rattled. Sharp ice started raining from the dreary grey sky. The snow, no longer pure white, had sunken in as the temperatures hovered just above freezing. The warmer air held a hint of a damp spring.  In random areas I could see field grass attempting to show through the snow. Uriah stood about fifty feet away from me, just watching and waiting, willing me to follow.

I muttered.  “You win!” and took baby steps into the snowy yard.

I walked a short distance up and onto a snowdrift, and then I started having trouble keeping on my feet.  My non skid boots weren’t connecting to the snow and ice. Instead of standing still, I was slowly sliding backwards.

 I had one of two choices. Keep my ski poles stuck in the snow and end up on my face.  Or, let go and hope I would glide backwards without falling.  

I chose the latter.

I lifted the ski poles, and slid slowly, very slowly, backwards…

All the while I made this high pitch screeching sound, sort of like a sick coyote, until I came to a stop. 

Uriah thought I was playing and ran at me.  As soon as he hit the black top, he slipped and landed on his backside.  He coasted the rest of the way on his hind quarters stopping only when he bumped into my legs. If he hadn’t run into my legs, he would have just swept right past me and ended up in the snow under the Blue Spruce. 

Immediately Uriah scrambled to his paws and started pulling at the cuffs of my pants.

To keep myself upright, I sat down.

”Get out of here, Uriah! Are you crazy?”

He answered me by grabbing my right glove, which I was waving at him, and pulled it off. He ran onto the snow, where he promptly started digging furiously.

 “Uriah! Give that back!”

He looked up and gave me a doggy grin, and continued to dig. Once the hole was large enough, or so he thought. He dropped my glove in and pushed the snow over it using his nose.

“Uriah you’re an idiot!” 

He took that as words of endearment.  And ran back to me and grabbed my left glove and took off towards the pond.

I slowly crawled and shuffled back into the house.

I watched Uriah out the front window. He was digging like an insane dog. 

I’ll get my gloves later!  When the ice melts, or in spring…

I’ll worry about them later.

Right now, I have a cup of coffee and a book, Heat Wave by Richard Castle. I just need to find my reading glasses! Tomoe, my husband’s cat loves to hide them, usually under the bed, or on the couch, or in the liter box…! Sigh!



Picture is from Word ClipArt

16 thoughts on “Slip, Sliding Away~ Or, Go The Way Of The Ice”

  1. ah at last, here we are, thanks for the email dear, and all your kind comments, isnt it great to have the guys and you back on the trail, I was laughing, animals are not stupid, they know when danger is present with black ice, Uriah can handle it as he has 4 legs lol but the cats they are wise heheh, great post dear and great to have u back..well and almost able xx

    1. william,

      I wish I had four legs, even when they go every-which- way on ice; they are much steadier than two legs.

      I found my glasses; the cat was chewing on them under the table, when she spotted me she tried to run away with them. Silly!


  2. beautiful post again,
    glad to have you back on track
    and do an awesome job…

    Happy Birthday to You,
    It is another milestone after Saturday, everything will be better, fresher, warmer, and smarter…

    Enjoy A Smart Day.

    I withhold comments for my math questions so that others have chances to try, your entry is cool ;), you used two words, which met the requirement I have …

    I admire your intelligence,
    I look up at your amazing ability in overcoming adversities and manage looking super cool and beautiful, both inside and outside…

  3. Hi Gbaugh
    That story was so cute whoa I could almost feel the chill from the wind,and the picture is beautiful. Thanks for stopping in at my place and for your sweet comments.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Ha! Silly Uriah. And silly Tomoe.

    My Neptune (cat) likes to steal the toilet paper from the bathroom and put it in the middle of the front room floor. Or he brings random garbage-yogurt containers, wrappers, more toilet paper rolls-into my bed while I sleep!

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