Michael Played, “They Say Its Your Birthday”~The Beatles In The Car, Very Sweet!

I had a wonderful birthday! My husband took me out for a late lunch at Red Robin, their specialty is burgers. Then he bought me a camera I am trying to figure it out. Luckily, the cats are just as interested in the odd sounds it makes, as much as the wrist strap that I keep forgetting to put on my wrist. Every time I came near them they stopped and stared.  

Even though I hate hair dye, it is time to try again. I saw the necessity when I turned the camera on myself. I had just washed my hair, what a lovely picture …No it wasn’t!  I just couldn’t figure out how my Grandmother appeared in the room!  I do miss her!

  We also went to the Petsmart where we met Doug; he was working and told us about his seventeen cats he saved from shelters. So many people with kind hearts, they do without to help injured and homeless animals.

My morning walk outside was like walking in a cloud. Standing out in the yard I faced towards the west, the house was in front of me, it was similar to standing in a steamy bathroom.  I should have felt down, with all that grey and off white. But I didn’t! There was a feel in the air, anticipation of tomorrow. Something was happening somewhere and I wanted to see it unfold.

The snow was melting underfoot. I checked out the low area near the trees to the north. I expected water, but I was met with ice. The ground was frozen solid. All the dry air that held in the sub zero temperatures at the beginning of the year had pulled out all the moisture under the snow. So the snow and rain hasn’t caused any flooding, yet.

 The first picture, I took by the front door. You can see the cement front step, the snow and the darkness with the fog beyond.

 I added a picture of Kenshin; I like how he seems to blend in with the rug.

He has blue eyes not red, I need to fix that.

Tomorrow I will follow Uriah around.  I just hope he doesn’t try to bury the camera.

14 thoughts on “Michael Played, “They Say Its Your Birthday”~The Beatles In The Car, Very Sweet!”

  1. good morning, Gerardine:

    Glad you have a happy birthday and ate beautiful Red Robin burgers and received a camera as a gift….

    your cats are lovely and cute in the picture, Kenshin looks more cute after you fix his eyes with blue light…

    cute post,
    happy writing…
    cheers, Happy Birthday,
    Happy Sunday. 😉

  2. good afternoon Gerardine, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I did leave u a message on twitter but guess u didnt get it, anyway glad u had a great day. well my opinion is, you have it sorted already these pictures are LOVELY, the cats are really cute but were is my pal? he was probably in a bush chasing that ghost partridge or something similar lol, excellent start, we look forward to many more pics in the future..

  3. Hello and happy birthday!
    (I guess it’s still your birthday? 😉
    Lovely of your hubby to take you out and get you a new camera 😀
    Great to play around and get the feel for it, no? 🙂
    Those cats look lovely. So curious 🙂

    Best wishes for the Rest of your day!
    It’s time to go to bed over here now 🙂

  4. Happy belated birthday!!

    I hope you have a lot of fun with your camera.

    I wonder if Uriah would just bury it or would he first try to chew it a bit – just to see what’s on the inside?

  5. richard,

    Thank you- I did and I am still enjoying it. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up.

    Oh! I never thought of what he would do to it! He almost had it yesterday, I set the camera on a chair in the family room and I caught him sniffing it:-(


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