Blogger Award ~

Hello everyone!

I have to apology to everyone for not setting up this post earlier; I have been a bit under the weather.

 Now to the good stuff!

I have been nominated for a Blogger award from Lily, and from William!

I have only had my Blog up since November; this is an honor for me. I really appricate everyone who has come to read, My Walking Path, and have followed the quick look into my day!

First Williams Blog is at:

And Lily’s Blog is at:

Thank you again to Lily and William. Hugs*

The Rules for accepting this award are:

1.Thank the person giving you this award.

2.Copy the award to your blog a link to their blog

4.Name 7 things people don’t know about you.

5.Nominate 7 Bloggers.

6.Place a link to those Bloggers.

7.Leave a comment letting those Bloggers know about the award.

Okay! Number 4:

1. I graduated from LaneTech High School in Chicago Illinois- “Go Lane!”

2. I was born with Hashimoto’s  disease, which is a thyroid disorder.

3. I can’t take pain medicines; I have trouble even taking cold medicines.  I am  pro- medical marijuana – Bill hasn’t passed  in Illinois.

4. When some tells me I can’t do something I go out of my way to prove them wrong.

5.  I have a back injury that won’t allow me to sit more than ten to fifteen minutes at a time.

6.  I love Nathan Fillion:-)  ( Shhh! Don’t tell my husband)

7.   I hate to dye my hair, or wear makeup.

Blogs I nominate are- I guess I can choose 14 since I had two nominations.

1.  a beautiful site to slip back in time with American Indians. Sad and insightful!

2.  writer and poet,   mom and wife lovely person to know

3.   Even with hand surgery very soon, she still Blogs

4.  Kristi a writer! A mom, daughter soon to be wife!

5.  a sweet woman waiting on the birth of her twins

6.    With a name like Captain Dumbass – he surprises me with his beautiful family, a sweetie

7.   this one is brand new, Rebecca helps save pit bulls and she is my daughter.

8  His pictures are wonderful great sense of humor!

9. wonderful poet.

10.  Some posts in French some in English, love her thought process.

11.  A wonderful Father, son and husband! Great pictures and thoughts.

12.  beautiful pictures with their history added. Ideas, thoughts and just life.

13.  These Photos are breath taking.

14.  This Blog  feels like I am taking a train trip without the hassle.


Sorry to those I missed. ( I couldn’t find Nathan Fillion’s Blog…darn!)

I really, really appreciate this honor! Thank you William and Lily

18 thoughts on “Blogger Award ~”

  1. Congratulations, I have the same thing with you on #4 and #7, I never wear makeup, and always wanted to prove others wrong when told not to…
    glad to know you better…in many deep ways…

    you can not sit still for more than 15 minutes, wow, how do you manage your time? you are amazing about this, it is hard to take if it were me…

    thank you for the beautiful blog and wonderful post.
    good for you, happy for you.

    have A day as admirable as your talent in writing.

    cheers, 😉

    1. captain Dumbass

      I work out a lot of what I write in my head, so when I sit I type it out without editing, and then leave it up on the computer. I come back to my writing constantly, re-reading it and editing.

      My typing has gotten better and faster.

  2. Thank you for the blog award! I also received it from Jingle, I will add your name to the blog post where I “accept” it.

    Now to look up who Nathan Fillion is… 🙂

  3. 1) When I first read it, I saw Lam Tech. Probably s Freudian slip based on my own feelings about High School.

    2) Hysimotos or Hashimoto (ok,ok, you should know better than I about your medical conditions, but I’ve never heard of Hysimotos and a search is pretty unrevealing). I presume you no longer have a functioning thyroid.

    3) I’ve never had any problems with medication. Except this one time I had a really bad case of Strep (I could barely swallow) and the doctor prescribed me these HU-U-U-U-U-GE pills. I have no idea how I managed to get the first one down.

    4) I am never deliberately provocative – rarely see the point.

    5) As with other commenters, I am amazed you manage to write so much in such little snatches. Then again, I tend to zip through things if I really have to. Sometimes, being able to “momentarily” divert my attention in front of the computer is a serious curse.

    6) Never heard of him.

    7) I am not and never have been keen on makeup. I always think people who wear makeup look like corpses (or clowns).

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