Life is a cartoon rat that lives in a hollowed out zucchini ~

The sky was a bright baby blue, with dollops of white and grey whipped crème floating over head.

The humidity had abated for the past two days, slightly. The temperatures were in the eighties, with a cooling breeze that edged its ways over cow pastures and corn fields, filling the air with the pungent scent of wet hay, cows and manure.

Uriah was covered in a layer of powdery dirt. He had spent most of this hot, hot summer hiding under the deck, where he had dug himself a hole to keep cool, Uriah’s favorite place to sleep away the summer. He hated coming into the garage.  I assumed he didn’t want to miss the chance to chase a bird, or run in circles after a rabbit, rat, or skunk.

I pulled out the hose, set a bottle of watered down shampoo on the grill and picked up Uriah’s’ leash and harness.  Then, I looked around for the dusty dog.  He had slipped past me and was heading at a trot towards the apple trees.  Head down he never looked up as I tried to call him back.  Trying to drag him back would be a waste of time.  He always won.

I gave up! I turned off the hose and sat down on the steps, and decided to enjoy the day.

The warm breeze rustled the trees sending a spray of dried leaves floating to the ground.

It is still August and Mother Nature is yelling fall.

I already picked one soccer ball size pumpkin and set it inside on the kitchen table, there was another one slowly ripening, it was slightly bigger. A third had grown entangled in the tomato patch that one has been gnawed on for the past month by the rat family. I tried covering it when I first spotted the dark green fruit; I was excited it was actually growing. Then I was surprised by how much of the unripe pumpkin was eaten and it still grew. Now it is a bright orange buffet table, along with half a dozen zucchinis, whose insides were eaten first. They sat elongated and hollow. Mini rodent condos!

Mice and rats must be drawing straws to see who would be the one to forage for food. I wonder if they realize they are on a suicide mission.

The more they poke around the more they are noticed. The last rat, would yell at me when I came outside. She chattered a safe distance away, like a nagging wife/husband.. I haven’t seen her in a week or more.

With that thought, I saw a flash of dark gray fur scurry from the trees to the garden.

 I stood up to check it out, when this little creature hurried over to watch me!

 It poked its head up between the leaves and blinked. It had big cartoon eyes, a tiny body and the biggest roundest ears I ever saw on a rodent.

Uriah ambled over to find out who I was talking to, and then decided to save me and raced into the zucchini plants. The rat ran in the opposite direction and Uriah was left searching for something that was no longer there.

I stood and watched. I took notice that the grass needs to be cut. The door frames should be painted. The deck should have a coat of stain. And there is a nest of hornets or paper wasps that really shouldn’t be hanging near the door. 

All this and more should be added to my, ‘To Do’ list.

Things that I have to do before winter!  Stuff I can only do in the summertime.

Hmmm!  Like eating ice cream!  Once that thought flashed into my head, I put away the shampoo and dug in the freezer for the last ice cream bar. I un-wrapped it, then sat outside, on the steps, mentally adding to my list, ‘Get more ice cream!’

Uriah’s nose immediately zeroed in on the treat.

We shared…

17 thoughts on “Life is a cartoon rat that lives in a hollowed out zucchini ~”

  1. I love reading about the little moments that don’t seem like much but are soo relaxing and entertaining.

    What a bummer those rats and mice are camping out in your garden. Uriah is doing his best to run them off! LOL! Especially if it gets him out of a bath!

  2. if im stressed, uptight, or anxious I come here, re read a few stories, to make me feel im in the middle of your world, enjoying the tranquility with nature a mere touch away, this was the best yet, it always sedates me into calm, love this blog, and thank the Lord the day I came here, for excellent writing and peace xxx

  3. I love your stories and this one is awesome. I am no longer going to be blogging. I have dcided to take my free time and write my 4th book. I want you to know it has been a pleasure and honor to know you. You will be in my prayers, and I wish you all the best in your writing. I know you will always use your awesome talent well.

    Love Vi

    1. Viola,
      How wonderful. Let me know how you’re doing every so often, send me a line or two in an email, or let William send out updates on your progress. I should also, stop and write, time is so fleeting.
      Love Gerardine

  4. It was a great post… after long time im back in blogworld and started my journey with your one….

    Thank your for writing such great lines…. i’ve started my writing again… hope to see you there…. 😀

    1. sami Alam,
      Thank you for stopping by. I can understand how life tends to trip up our writing. Glad your back! I haven’t written as much as I wanted to lately.
      I hope you have productive week writing.

    1. Jingle,
      I have been thinking of you all week. I hope you are well. I even wrote a poem, while walking with Uriah, but I didn’t write it down. Bad move. I want to post. I will aim for next week or maybe sooner.
      I need to stop over by you and read. Have a wonderful weekend!


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