Mirror, mirror on the wall!~

Kaoru cleaning PJ

Last night I was woken up by an odd sound,  ‘Pud-pud-pud-pud’!  Sanosuke was standing on his hind legs and digging at the door mirror. I watched him sit back on his haunches and stare into the mirror, past his own refection.

He wanted into the mirrored image. A part of the bedroom he thought he needed to explore. ‘Sanosuke in wonderland’…

I rolled over and fell back to sleep, but within the hour the same noise woke me!  Pud-Pud-Pud-Pud!  He looked like he was practicing on a boxing speed bag. That was how fast his little paws were moving.

 I sat up and got his attention away from the mirror.  “Sano! That’s a mirror! You can’t get inside a mirror!” he reverted back to the mirror with a shake of his ears and a downward turn to his whiskers, frowning, first at me, then at the mirror.  

This went on two more times during the night.

I even got up and stared into the mirror to see if, maybe, a bug was crawling just out of Sano’s reach. It wasn’t.

Sanosuke wanted to find a way into that other room.

He does the same fast run on the sliding glass doors in the kitchen. Now, that, I understand! He wants to either catch a bug, or have me open the doors; allowing him to sit by the screen and stare outside at the birds…

PJ-Sanosuke center-Kaoru

But what did he want in my bedroom mirror?

Sanosuke checking out the freshly harvested potatoes

22 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror on the wall!~”

  1. A wonderful story about Sanosuke Gerardine. I enjoyed reading it over my coffee. The vegetables look so good, I can remember fresh grown vegetables.

  2. Weird how the guys sense something Ger? maybe he couldnt get over how cute he looked lol, and was wondering were he put his hair gel, lol who can explain the actions of a pet, like I posted on my other blog, when Carmen cried her eyes out for hours staring under th tv unit, knowing all the time one of her treats was hiding, never giving up until she got my attention, have a great weekend dear xx

    1. William,
      He keeps doing that every night, there is a story in this, I can feel it! He really acts like he wants to get in the other room.
      Other Blog? Do I have that link; I would love to read that. Bet I have the link, I have to do some searching. Give her a big hug, animals are like children, they see the wonder in life. Have a wonderful week!..
      Gerardine xx

  3. He is looking for that backwards world on the other side…it’s mystical, just out of our reach. They just don’t have something in their brain telling them it’s silly to think there is a way through to the other side. Alice knew better. Our furbabies are amazing 🙂

    ICLW #77

  4. Excellent! And superb photos. Maybe he knew you wanted to sleep and decided to keep you awake.

    Sadly, my favourite cat – not mine, but a friend’s – went missing about seven weeks ago.

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