8 thoughts on “Photos and Video!~One Man’s Weed Is Another’s Flower!~”

  1. Oh, Gerardine I just simply love this amazing beautiful and creative video. I did hear all the sounds, bees, birds, and all of God’s little creatures. I wanted to reach up and enjoy those berries, and man did the strawberries look awesome. The wildflowers made me want to take a nap in them. All the flowers are just simply beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  2. wow Ger, those berries look TASTY, I remember when I was a lad, were we lived our local beach had these berries and I ate thousands, your videos are the best, Vi is right. you never miss anything out xxx happy weekend say hi to my pals and my special friend URIAH 🙂

    1. william,
      I will tell Uriah you said, Hi. He is stubborn no matter how hot it is he wants to sit and stare at the trees.

      I will pop over to your Blog I am behind on reading your poems and I love reading them! They leave me with a smile. Have a perfect weekend!
      Gerardine xx

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