Walking With Mosquitoes And Uriah!~I Wonder- A short Poem!~


I walk outside and
Stare up into the sky and
Wonder, what you see…

I grabbed a can of Off bug spray and waved it over my head encompassing myself, and Uriah. He sat next to me leaning against my legs panting from the heat and humidity.

The mosquitoes are worse early morning and at dusk.  Right now it was only ten in the morning.  I was hoping for a reprieve from their onslaught.

Last night I had made it to the back path, I pushed past the Bog Willows, as they hung heavy from the rain storm. I stepped out onto bare dirt in the drainage area and I immediately became food.

I heard them first, that irritating high pitch buzzing.  Then I felt them surrounding me, like a piece of cheese cloth, barely touching my skin, yet laying heavy.

 I swatted and waved my arms around my head and muttered to the mosquitoes, telling them to leave me alone.  They followed me all the way back to the house. Uriah was watching from under the deck.  He rolled in the dirt, which seemed to dissuade the mosquitoes from attacking him.

Just for a moment I thought of crawling under the deck with Uriah.  I shook off the thought when I pictured myself getting stuck with a happy wiggly, smooching dog covered in dirt..

I looked up at the large fluffy clouds floating over head in a baby blue sky. I spotted a thickening grey line off near the horizon.  We’re in for another afternoon thunderstorm. 

I set the bug spray back inside the garage door. Picked up my walking stick, and motioned to Uriah to walk. He headed for the Blue Spruce next to the driveway. He pushed past the heavy boughs, wiggling underneath. Turning around he faced me, then sat down.

 I left Uriah to his cool spot under the tree and started walking along the drive way, checking out the grass. It needs to be cut, but with the rains and heat, I keep putting it off.  

I noticed a thin, two to three foot spiky leaved stem pushing up between the grass.  Every year these wildflowers blossom out with some very pretty neon blue flowers, hanging off the side branches like tiny frilly bells

I hope to take some pictures when that happens.

To take pictures of this plant, I need to come outside early, before six or seven. At that time of day, there are flowers that open up and smile upwards into the cool morning sky.  Those same flowers are closed tight by nine to ten in the morning.  

I spotted a stem full of closed flower buds; I knelt down to take a look. Uriah pushed in front of me and sat on the unopened flower and grinned.

“Uriah you’re a nut!” I rubbed his face and gave him a push.

He took that as time to play and fell flat on his back and started to roll and moan. All over the plant I was looking at….

 I started to chastise him, but when I looked up, inches away from his head was another plant. All the way down the driveway they stood waving at me slightly higher than the field grass, waiting for morning to come.

 Here are a couple of great sites for wildflowers.



10 thoughts on “Walking With Mosquitoes And Uriah!~I Wonder- A short Poem!~”

  1. awe ger, this was really cool, apart from those darn mosquitos, pesky things we do not get here thank he lord lol, ma wee pal looks so laid back, cool guy, always love seeing his pics and reading your fabulous stories, dont know about crawling in with Uriah though LOL, happy day dear xxx

  2. Mosquitos loves me too. I really enjoyed your post. I would love to see a picture of the wildflowers. I love wildflowers used to pay in fields of them as a child. So I will be looking forward to the pictures. I could picture Uriah rolling around in the dirt. I have a question to ask, do you put Christmas lights on the Blue Spruce Tree? I think these trees are so pretty.

    1. Viola,
      I use to put lights on the tree. But when the winds started fighting with me, I gave up and put them inside the windows. Easier to take off, and I didn’t have to find them under the snow. But they did look so pretty on that tree.

  3. I do hope you get some pics of them, I am very intruiged.
    Thankfully our mosquitoe season is just about over. I had to giggle at the image of you under the porch with Uriah!

    1. Heather,
      The mosquitoes will be with me until the frost. The air feels as if this summer will be short, time will tell. I do get a reprieve when the wind blows.
      I have to admit I did that years ago and got stuck. I just wanted to see things from his view..LOL!
      Have a wonderful day!

    1. Viola,
      I read your poem it is beautifully written. Thank you for telling me you posted it, I may have missed it otherwise. I recommend everyone to head over to your Blog and read this poem.

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