Poem For a Thistle!~ Or, Talking Heads, Nodding In Thorny Agreement!~

Musk Thistles


Tall and strong, they held their heads high

Their skin, a smooth line of waxy green

Coated with thorns

They looked up

And saw the sky


Amid fast moving puffs of white and grey

They looked abreast, and saw the ground


Lines and leaves of diverse greens, amassed

Thrust, from side to side

with each random breeze

They looked out at my camera

wide eyes of innocence and unease

In that moment of stratum pink and white

they wondered, If…

and survived


The Musk Thistle is considered a Noxious weed in Illinois.  These Thistles were growing near the road. If you want to read about them click on the link below.


17 thoughts on “Poem For a Thistle!~ Or, Talking Heads, Nodding In Thorny Agreement!~”

  1. Wow — what a gorgeous flower! And a beautiful poem as well. You certainly do have a way with words, always love your descriptions of nature.

      1. That’s what I tend to do too. Kneel down a lot up close to life, and just feel natures vibrancy all around me. I love being close to nature, and it’s the only way I enjoy taking pictures, by going up close. 🙂
        I appreciate you stopping by and leaving wonderful thoughtful comments. 🙂 Thank you and hope you are having a super weekend. Much love.

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