Where Will The Hawks Nest If All The Trees Are Gone?~

Everyone was woken up this morning, at seven o’clock, by Kenshin. He ran across the bed.  He pushed aside the vertical blinds. And he pawed at the closed windows. Then he talked and talked, and talked. Siamese talk a lot. They are very vocal cats…

I crawled out of bed and looked out the bathroom window.

  I saw the dark grey sky. I noticed the reddish color of the decks railings were topped with an icing of snow.   And then, I become aware of a slight movement near the bottom section of the deck. I scanned the lower deck for the rats.  I assumed,  the rats must have gotten Kenshin all worked up.  

But, it wasn’t the rat!  It was a very large hawk perched on the railing, just above the rat’s habitat.  This Buteo was not amused! I disturbed him!  It could have been the Red-tailed Hawk…  But, he looked a lot like the Swainson’s hawk that lives around here.

His breast feathers were puffed up, mottled white and reddish orange, mixed in with brown and black.  His deep rich colors blended in with his beige, downy winter feathers.  

The feathers on his head were slick dark, with browns and blacks. I didn’t notice the color of his tail feathers.  They were hidden by the decks railing. And I couldn’t see the color of his eyes. But I felt his gaze when he turned his head slightly.  He ruffled his feathers, in an irritated matter. His beak was hooked and sharp, thick and dark in color.

His stance was of pride.  A Buteo!  It radiated from him. He was beauty.  Beyond everything that was around him. He lived in this moment.

 I wished that I could be that self-assured, and free… There is irony in that word, “free.”

While he watched me, I saw a flicker of concern flash over his eyes. He stretched out his wings and jumped, and glided effortlessly along the ground.  Then he swooped upward into the trees.

I watched him spin and settle on a thin branch.  I immediately thought of how this hawk lost another nesting tree.

The past few days, the air has held a sweet, woody scent. Yesterday I saw what made that smell.

A few miles from my home, there is a grove of Oak trees.  Their ages ranged from seventy to hundred-fifty years old, craggily towering giants.

 I drove past those old trees yesterday and I saw empty spaces and tree stumps.  The Oaks were being cut down. I saw neatly stacked coffins waiting to be carted away.

Why cut down the trees during an ecological crisis?  Shouldn’t we be conserving nature? 

I find all this all very heartbreaking.  

A few hours later, I stepped  out on my deck. The clouds hung heavy and grey.  

In that muffled, snow covered silence.  I heard the hawk’s high pitch screech…


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You can hear the call of the Swainson’s hawk, and other birds here;


24 thoughts on “Where Will The Hawks Nest If All The Trees Are Gone?~”

  1. Beautiful description of the hawk. Why are they cutting down the trees? I hate when I see trees being cut down.

    And Kenshin sounds familiar. My Siamese loves to talk all the time!

    1. Luna,
      I sent out a couple of emails asking, checked the website for the town, unless I missed something all this was done quietly, I guess I can use the phrase, “in the dead of winter.”

      1. Hawks are often messengers. They’re creatures of the air and wind.
        Cats–creatures of the earth and intutition.
        –Seems you’ve got earth and sky ‘covered,’ G. What’s your intution been been saying of late?

  2. wow, the tree stands tall and upright, it reminds me of you as an individual, who stands out from the crowds, tall, full of life, and admirable!
    the background has multi-colors, which shows that your life is colorful, meaningful, and adventurous!

    2000 hits, another milestone of your wondrous journey!
    Be proud of your achievement!

    Sweet dreams and wake up beaming loudly 🙂

  3. wow this bird sounded beautiful and u described it to a t, when I went to look at it on the link u described it very well hence u must have gotten a good look, I thought in the story I was gonna hear a rat being carried away lol but they are too crafty for that… congrats on ur 2000th hit well deserved, nice imagery…

    1. willian,
      Thank you. Yes, I got a very good look at him. And he got a good look at me, too.

      I went outside today and only saw one set of rat tracks. And a set of coyote tracks around the outside dog kennel. My husband heard the Hawk grab a rat and fly off; he made it to the window in time to see the hawk circle around the house holding something in its talons.
      Happy Holidays


  4. Congratulations on our 2000th hit! I would love to see a hawk this close. I guess I’ve seen a few close but just glimpses.

    Once I was in a rural area near where I grew up (Hanover County, VA) and I was driving down a short road that had fields on each side and ended at a tee shortly ahead, that was also a field. Suddenly out of now where a hawk swooped down in front of my car (at the tee) and grabbed a rabbit out of the brush and swooped back up with it.

    It was a very awesome sight, this powerful sight of nature, and of course a little disturbing. I love wild birds. I saw my first bald eagle in the wild a few years ago, (one that I was positive it was a bald eagle), and I was so thankful.

    1. Julie,
      Birds are so powerful and proud. Their talons can be dangerous. It is a special day when I can see one.
      You are lucky to have seen a bald eagle.
      Happy Holidays!

  5. Loved this GB and I enjoyed spotting red-tails all along the interstate this afternoon on the drive to the mall. For some reason, they line the roads (beyond the obvious free food) only twice a year, November/December and then they disappear and magically reappear in the spring for another couple of months and promptly disappear again. For years I have witnessed this and every year I promise to chase them with my camera, but I never have, despite every intention to. Today, one proudly perched on a mile marker on the shoulder of the road, and I was almost rear-ended because I slowed to look at him. Thanks for sharing so much of the beauty of this world in your words.

    1. purple,
      Thank you for your wonderful comments. I wonder if the red-tails are hunting mice, or rats along your interstate. Is something different during that time when the hawks appear? Farmers, turning over the fields?
      Drive carefully, Happy Holidays !

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