Snowball Hockey Played With The Cat’s Rules~

I stepped outside on the deck and watched the snow gently float to the ground; everything was covered with a wispy cloud of white.

 Perception and location is everything when snow gazing. Mere inches in front of my face, gigantic flakes drifted quickly down to earth. There were hand sized spaces between each one.

 Farther out in the yard the snow came down smaller, compact and fast, with hardly enough room for the tip of a pencil to fit between each flake.  The Bog Willows and apple trees looked as though they were caught in a snow globe snowstorm.

I stared upwards into the fast, falling snow.  I watched large flakes rapidly falling towards me, looking like bright stars as they fell from the grey-white sky. They touched my face with a stinging cold, and held onto my eyelashes and hair.

Before I stepped back into the house, I stomped my feet on the outside welcome mat.  Kenshin, our two year old Siamese mix, rushed up to the door as I entered.  I pushed him back and stepped into the kitchen.  He stared up at me with his blue eyes. Then he turned and rubbed against my leg, the wall, the door, and the kitchen table leg.

I reached down and scooped him up.  “What’s up, Kenshin? You want to see outside?”  I asked, then reopened the inside glass door, but not the outside screen.

He was quiet in my arms, as we stood there watching the snowflakes drifting to the ground.

There wasn’t a wind.  Each flake drifted slowly on a downward path, one after another. Hundreds of puffy crystalline flakes piled up on the wooden deck.

With one paw, Kenshin reached out and touched the screen. He loves snow.  I slipped my shoes back on, held him tightly and opened the screen door, then stepped outside.

Kenshin immediately started to thunder purr, vibrating my arms as I held him tight.   Carefully, I walked over to the garden table, which sat outside year-round. 

 Kenshin rolled over in my arms so he faced the sky.  When he realized I was near the table, he twisted and leaped from my arms, landing in the center of the snow covered table.  Instantly, he rolled over and over covering himself with snow.  Then laid quietly on his back and watched the snow drift down on him. 

Being a very active cat, that immobility lasted a whole-one-minute.  Then he began batting at the flakes and purred even louder.

I laughed!  His cheeks puffed up in a grin.

The snow was falling faster.  Kenshin got some in his eyes, and on his nose.  He was not happy with that! Within a split second, he leapt upwards, turned his feet towards the ground and landed in the middle of the table.  Within that same moment, he slid to the floor and scampered under the table.  From there, he batted at the clumps of snow left behind from my shoes.

Deep into his insane mode, Kenshin slid around the deck like a hockey player chasing a puck.

Quickly, I moved over to the stairs and sat on the top step.  I waited for him to make a break. I would never be able to catch him if he got down the steps.

He can leap straight up in the air nearly five feet, when he gets crazed. Like he was now!   He moves at lightning speeds.  He also loves dogs. And with the overcast sky, I can bet we were being watched from the trees.  I wasn’t going to give him a chance at getting passed me, and into the yard.

Suddenly, Kenshin jumped up and twisted in mid-air, then slid in my direction.   He wasn’t happy when I grabbed him in mid-slide. 

Holding onto the railings, I moved slowly back into the house. Kenshin decided to lie in my arms upside down so he could bat at a few more flakes.

I put him down on the rug next to the door, and he took off fast. He slid on his hind quarters through the living room, then down the hall and back again. He was jumping and flipping crazily from the snow melting on his back.

I brought him a hard packed snowball and rolled across the floor.  He grabbed it with his paws and took off for the goal line…

16 thoughts on “Snowball Hockey Played With The Cat’s Rules~”

  1. Hi GB. You have such a gift for description, for telling a story that is so much more than just words. I come away from your blog with a mixture of awe and jealousy, sometimes experiencing just a twinge of inadequacy about my own attempts at writing. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. purple,
      Very sweet comments! I have read your writing. You are a great writer and poet! If you find inspiration from my writing, run with it. There is no greater compliment!

  2. wow what a descriptive piece and as always so elegantly told, this was fascinating,I never knew cats liked the snow,I know my wee one does,, she would saty in it all day regardless of the fact im freezing to the ground lol, playful creatures are cats and it sound slike the wee one had his share of fun, apart from the snow going in the face lol, all animals hate things going in their face, this was lovely, very enjoyable..

    Uriahs poem is now posted and inform your 13 year old that she indeed has a talent with the camera…

    take care..

    1. William,
      Thank you for your wonderful comments. And your poem ‘Uriah’ is so him. You are so kind to have written that. My 13yr old will now be a a star at school , at least for a day. LOL!

  3. You day has come, your cat is as playful as your mind, your words are as beautiful as your heart, you take us to a place filled with magics, discoveries, and satisfactions!

    Outstanding piece!
    Happy Saturday, my friend!

  4. I love this one! I could see everything in my mind from your amazing descriptions. Kenshin is hilarious. I never knew cats liked snow.

    This should be sent to a cat magazine. It’s an incredible story. You can see it and feel the emotion.

    1. Rebecca,
      I never thought of sending it out. Everythiing has been written for my readers/friends here. Gives me something to think about. Thank you

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