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Day 29 setup scenes on index cards & rewrite, rewrite, rewrite

Day 29: Two more days left of November’s Nanowrimo

You have written at least 50,000 words.By now you are thinking of editing your novel, others are looking into self-publishing. 

I can tell you what I will be doing. I will take all those words, and  list each scene, on its own index card.


1. I will list which characters are in the scene.
2. Timeframe.
3. Place/world
4. What is the crisis of the scene?
5. What is the desire of the scene
6. POV of that scene.
7. I will end up with a pile of sixty index cards.

Once I have all the scenes on their own index cards,  I will do a Happy Dance. Then, I will put them in order and file away scenes that don’t fit in my story, scenes that don’t move the story forward.


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I will make sure my story moves from the main crisis, towards the resolution of that crisis.

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Then, I will rewrite each scene….

• I will make sure each scene is full of sensory detail.
• And that  each scene has inner and outer conflict. (each step/scene will make it harder for my POV character)
•  That my scene reflects the passage of time
• That I am staying in the POV of that scene.
• I end with a twist or insight into the POV character.
• That the scene advances the plot.

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When a chapter has been rewritten, I will get rid of overused and redundant words.