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Day 28 Amazing gift idea for the writer in your life

Are looking for an amazing gift idea for the writer in your life?   I recommend Masterclass.com. (Full disclosure.) I am an affiliate for them. Which means I get a few dollars if you buy a class. I bought these online classes. I go back to them over and over.

David Mamet’s MasterClass

David Mamet Structuring the plot~mywalkingpath.com

James Patterson’s MasterClass

First Video of James Patterson’s MasterClass

Once you buy a class on  MasterClass.com  you can access them forever.  They don’t have a time limit on when or how long you can access them.

Check out these writing and photography classes. They make amazing gifts.

Here are some on my wish list.

Dan Brown Teaches Writing Thrillers


Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography


Samuel L. Jackson Teaches Acting


MasterClass: Shonda Rhimes Teaches Writing For Television


Great gifts for the writers and photographers in your family.

Time to stop searching out the ‘how to’ and write….

Last year I moved my wordpress blog to here… Then stuff happened and I stopped posting.

What I mean as stuff, first my dog died-my mom got sick and she died. Anytime I thought of writing -something came up -or the phone rang. My list of things to do got longer and harder to complete.

Well,… that needs to end.

I feel better when I write, except when I sit to long, so…I grabbed my PC and stood at a tall table. My cats weren’t to happy, they tried to knock it down. They needed something else to watch, so I sprinkled bird seed on the deck.

It worked! DSC_0310

I joined ‘Writers Village University’ and took a course.

I signed up for a couple of online classes at UCF.

The more I searched out how to write. The less I wrote. 🙁

What I did learn- Searching out stuff stops me from writing.- And writing isn’t editing and editing isn’t writing.

To get writing done, I just need to ‘start writing’ and not worry about if the scenes are right, or if I used ‘the‘ fifty-thousand-times.

That part is ‘editing’.

And well, if I edit first, then I have an empty page and that isn’t my goal.

I am glad to finally write ‘words’ on ‘this’ page.  Now, my goal is to post at least once a week.

I will edit the next post I write.  This one, I typed out quickly, without editing afterwards. I am just  thrilled to have it here.

And, I hope to take a trip around the net and see how everyone’s Blogs are doing.

In the meantime, check out my examiner pages. (^._.^)ノ