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Do you zap or swat

I was watching ‘Fresh Off The Boat ‘ the segment ended with, Jessica and Louis Huang swinging around Bug Zappers the size of a small Ping-Pong racket, with the look of a tennis rack’s weaved mesh with the added benefit of a stun gun.

I did an online search when my husband insisted that if they were real they would be dangerous. He said, “imagine if you had one of those things and you were standing next to me.” Then he stopped and waited for my answer.

Crickets Chirped


A thought bubble appeared above my head, smoke came out my ears, then I saw his point. I am very clumsy. I will walk into a closed sliding glass door, -even if it plastered with stickers of giant pandas holding up stop signs,- I would still run right into the door.

  • I have walked under a beehive then tapped the dirt off my shoes at the base of the tree.
  • I have tip-toed around animal burrows when thought I was out of the woods, I turned and then stepped into a freshly made burrow.
  • I have tried to catch my cat, who I believed had gotten out of the house, and it wasn’t my cat but a skunk.
  • Speaking of skunks, I had pulled my dogs away from the fence and got a full on spray from the skunk they were harassing.
  • I drove the tractor into a wet area of fresh mud
  • I walked upon a sleeping buck.
  • I still have nightmares about the forty-pound raccoon that attempted to eviscerate me

So this interesting bug zapper, -which to me seems perfectly logical –I want it.   But… my husband stood his ground with a, ‘no way’ he said,‘ he can see me heading to the ER.’ His point… is that if I start waving that racket around, he could see me hitting my own leg, or him.

Can you hear those Crickets, again?

Hmmm!  I hit him a few times and knocked his coffee cup out of his hand.  It wasn’t my fault I was chasing around paper wasps and yellow jackets.

Pexels.com wasp

Okay, I see his point.

Back to my online search, I found them. They are real. Yes, I was shocked….

Oddly enough, someone made a comment that this was clean fun. Excuse me, but a bug zapper fries a bug, spreading its remains around. And my flyswatter spatters the bugs… pick your weapon warm weather is just around the corner.

I think I will keep my regular flyswatter.

There is one on Amazon called The Executioner it uses 2 C batteries


Another one uses AA Batteries advertising 3000 Volts, ‘Preci Shock ‘

Am I missing something here,  because, “AAA, AA, C, D batteries all are rated at 1.5 volts” According to Education.com