World Peace and Prayer Day,June 21st~ Poem


World Peace and Prayer Day

All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer

Chief  Arvol Looking Horse Who Sits on the Mountain Top, Chief to the Spirit of the Lake People, Lakota, Nakota and Dakota, known as the Sioux Nation-

Is calling for a day of prayer

With the oil spilling into our waters we need prayer. I wrote this poem with all the above in mind.

The earth cries and

We pray for help

To stop her bleeding

We cry salty tears into pools of oil

We drown in her blood

We choke on the smell of her death…

We pray for healing

We pray to stop insanity that

                                             rips out

                                                        her life’s blood for money

We pray the pain that courses through the land will heal

We pray that those with power will


                                                             The vampirism of the earth

We pray with tears and sob on our knees

The earth’s breath wafts across the lands singing out

Why rip into her heart when


                                                         is in the wind

Hear the cries


32 thoughts on “World Peace and Prayer Day,June 21st~ Poem”

  1. A very touching poem my friend. I have already started praying about the oil spill but also will be praying with everyone on June 21st. Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem with us.

  2. awe, that was really cool dear, a well written piece to celebrate world peace, it will always be peaceful with people like you living in it 🙂

  3. confucius says- u can stop a bird from perching on your shoulder but you cannot stop the bird from flying above your head.. there are circumstances within our control and there are those where we cant.. good work though!

  4. it is unfortunate what is happening in the gulf. I very much admire the sentiment. sometimes, all we can do is pray. very touching peace.

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