Chainsaws, Tractors, Or Woodpeckers! So Hard To Choose!~

The past few days the weather has been up and down, sideways and in circles.

 Last night we had pouring rain, thunder and dangerous lightening.  During the first part of that storm I was outside, walking as close to the house as I could get, while I tried to encourage Uriah to do his business in a hurry. Nothing hurries Uriah. I stood back and watched the dark sky light up emphasizing the jagged edges of the high Cumulonimbus clouds. A rolling rumble vibrated underneath my feet and still Uriah sniffed at the edge of the Blue Spruce, unperturbed. It was only when I told him to get in the house that he started to whine. He hates thunderstorms, but Uriah’s idea of safety during a storm is to stand out in the open and stare up into the electrified sky.

On Sunday, when the path was still a path, severe winds blew over a tree.   Fortunately I wasn’t out there when it happened. I never made it though the back yard, even attempting to make my way to the back path was impossible. The winds were irritatingly loud!  I couldn’t see past my hair, no matter how hard I tried, and at one point I thought I saw Miss Gulch pedaling over head, followed closely by that Pheasant, and That Rat. With each step I fought to move forward.  I could have tied a rope to Uriah and flew him like a kite.  Alright, a fat, pudgy unhappy kite…

Today the path is underwater and the air is so heavy I was feeling out of sorts, dizzy, sneezing, and hard to breathe I am moving very, very slow. On the bright side the toads are croaking loudly and the mosquitoes are out and biting.  Hmmm!

Back to the tree!  In order for me to remove that tree I will need to use the tractor, and ‘she’ is still asleep covered in blankets in the barn. 

I stood back and paced out the distance from the beginning of the path to the downed tree, sixty steps. Not good! Last year we had a tree fall over and it was only a fraction of the distance, and a forth the size. Taking the tractor in that area would set me up for disaster with all that soft wet mud under the large wheels. If I stood in the mud I would sink in. If I add a tractor with spinning wheels and an idiot driving (me) … Well, the tractor will sink deep in the mud, and at that point I will need to call someone in to pull it out.

Still I stood there and thought about it…

If I used the tractor I will need a very long chain that I can connect to the tree, and the tractor. All the while crossing my fingers, that both will hold  on the first attempt.  They never do! One side or both will slip off and have to be reconnected, while I’m left standing in the thick black, oozing mud.

I considered leaving the tree and cutting a path around it..hmmm! I have a chain saw, sort of.  Michael hid it somewhere,  so that idea  might not work.

Today isn’t the day to work out the technicalities, too much water and a lack of diesel, and a hidden chainsaw.

Last resort… Woodpeckers!  Eventually they would pound holes in that tree allowing it to fall apart. I’m voting for the birds.

 In the meantime, Uriah walked around the tree…

20 thoughts on “Chainsaws, Tractors, Or Woodpeckers! So Hard To Choose!~”

  1. I am so happy you and Uriah is safe. Don’t worry about the tree. The pictures are great and I can see your tractor. Is there anyone who can help you cut it with the chain saw? Be careful of those storms my friend.

  2. Gerardine, I am praying that your son can help you. Sure wish I could help, I would if I could, but I live far from you. I used to be good with an ax when I was growing up, bet I could still hit a few lick. LOL

    1. dirt clustit,
      Oh! You would get me in so much trouble! LOL! Then I would laugh about it.
      I had that tractor stuck in the mud so many times I can’t count anymore. The last time it sunk half way up the tires.

  3. I’d vote for the birds, roo except they take a long time! I hope there’s someone nearby to offer you a hand…sounds like a big job to do alone. I scrolled down and saw the adorable cat pictures with the stuffed bunny-precious!

    1. suzicate,
      I may just let the tree rot for the birds, Or, Viola’s idea of an ax might work..except my ax is an old one and I tend to do some really stupid Lucille Ball moves. I think I will wait for help. Have a great day!

  4. wow sounds like its been really bad there, love the new header with my pal in the background what a great pic, nice also to see the famous tractor, lol enjoyed this immensely, great post xx

    1. william,
      Yes, the weather has been very interesting. I took three pictures, one was very clear except Uriah was licking himself..sigh! I have to uncover the tractor soon; I am crossing my fingers the radiator didn’t freeze, with everyone’s advice on how to cover her I think she may be alright this year. I hope I don’t have a rat or mouse in that engine!

      Gerardine xxx

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