I Walk In Your Mist Of Light, And Freeze My Hands~

It snowed during the night. I had anywhere, from two to four inches of snow lining the driveway.

On my walk to the mailbox, Uriah took off under a tree. The stinging winds irritated him! I kept walking.

Forty feet before the road, I spotted some tracks stretching out from the fence to the south, then across the driveway. I stopped took my hat off, and shook my head. Nope!  Not in the mood to trail after a suicidal chicken. Still, I knelt down near the tracks and noticed these were a lot smaller, and the prints weren’t as clear as the ones on Tuesday.

 This bird stopped under the Blue Spruce, I could see how it had scratched around in the snow, and then took off towards the pond.

 I had to follow. Obsession or stupidity!Either one didn’t matter…  I had to follow.

The bird, instead of staying near the road, had weaved around the dried grass and snow, and moved towards the center of the yard.   Within a hundred feet or so it reached the pond. Then turned in a wide circle and met up with its own tracks and doubled back.

I followed its tracks back to the fence, and saw that they ended under a Cedar tree.

This had to be a pheasant! She would be able to blend in under those evergreens easily. Unless Uriah flushed her out, I won’t find her.  I was just glad I hadn’t found  her dead in the road.

I went and got my mail.

 The road was a mist of white, from the drifting snow. I waved at the state police, as he slowly drove past.  

My right hand was freezing; I had lost my glove somewhere. I hope it was nearer the house and not in the pond.

Uriah, had been waiting and stepped out of the trees and followed me to the house.  

Tonight is a full moon, the second in a month, a Blue moon. At least it is for me.  In the southern hemisphere it is called a ‘Short Night Moon.’  Other parts of the world will be able to see a lunar eclipse

A few nights ago, even with cloud cover, the sky glowed.  I had walked though the darken house and looked out the window. The clouds felt like a blanket overhead, their edges, where the clouds thinned out, glowed.

Last night, while it snowed, the moon shined brightly through the seamless clouds  It was as if, someone was holding a piece of cloth in front of the moon. And still, its light could not be denied!

 Tonight the year will change. Remember the moonlight and follow your dreams.


I walk in your mist of light


Once when I was small
The moon was more than light
It brought on evil thoughts
Insanity and rage
Monsters under the bed
As I grew it became a romantic icon
Wanton ideas and lust
A time to laugh and dance and sing
A time to howl, without worries
Anticipation of tomorrows
Then when my children slept
It lit the path outside my door
Illuminating the end of a long day,
I could sit and gaze, relaxed
For all was quiet
Once in a blue moon, a phrase
That allowed me to reach beyond
A light of yellow-white, or reddish-orange
Was it ever blue?
My muse
My moon
You sway above me as the world turns
The days change into years
You hover above with promise
As I stare up at your face
I hear your whisper
For years to come…
Bring us luck, love and happiness
For a moon, blue or not,
You are my welcome friend
And, I dream in your light

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23 thoughts on “I Walk In Your Mist Of Light, And Freeze My Hands~”

  1. Thank you for the wishes hun, and for the comment, good luck in the contest!!

    I have all your last 45 posts bookmarked because I have been waiting for a quiet moment in my house so I can read them in peace. I love your writings, your style, and your story.

    If I don’t speak with you again this year, I hope you have a wonderful New years, and know that you are Loved!

  2. I hear your whisper
    For years to come…
    Bring us luck, love and happiness
    For a moon, blue or not,
    You are my welcome friend
    And, I dream in your light


    Five-star post,

    a poem, musical dreams and hopes under the moon,
    an article, with 2-4 inches snow, an interesting case on a bird or pheasant, what a hit.

    I like the moon poem, it reminds me of peace, hope, and dreams from all people, regardless young or old, male or female, people share similar dreams!

    Excellent Blog!

  3. what a cool poem..loved the imagery, the story was as fabulous as ever, we just now got a blast of snow, its freezing her in England, I love when you go out there is ALWAYS an adventure one day Mrs u wont have anything to write about lol I rather doubt that..

    Thanks for being around and your fabulous comments you have been an inspiration to me….

    HAPPY NEW YEAR… to all the family and pets oops and the tractor lol musnt forget that hehe..

  4. Gerardine – reading that I was walking with you. At least I wanted to be – cold crisp air, a blue moon lighting the snow on the ground . . . oh I do miss that sometimes.

    Lovely writing Gerardine. I shall be back whenever I need to slow down and reflect.

    1. richard,
      I have no idea on how to clean a pheasant, LOL! I would name him and feed him dinner. You sound like my husband, I told him he had to clean and cook.

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