My Wind Is Stronger Than Your Wind~

I live near a small town. I am two and a half miles out of town into farm country. The town was built on a lower section of land and its only 5 sq. miles.   So when the winds are blasting my home, the  town has a nice breeze.

  Only once, that I can recall, in the past fourteen years did the town get hit ‘hard’ with heavy winds.

It was a couple of years ago; I was heading into the small grocery store.  As I walked into the store, I could hear the townspeople talking about the winds.

 (Townspeople that word sounds like they have torches and pitchforks and are shooing out the monsters)

“How horrible!”  I heard, as I moved up and down the aisles.  

“Have you ever seen anything like this? “ Someone else asked me, as I stood paying for my groceries. 

Now, I didn’t want to start a conversation that sounded like I was in kindergarten. My winds are stronger than your winds, type of argument. Instead I held up my hand, palm towards her, in a signal for her to wait a minute.  I walked outside the store, a few seconds later I came back in and answered.  I said, “Seen worse.”  

A farmer was in the line behind her, he just nodded in agreement.

She looked confused.  I got a good look at myself in the front window. My hair was standing on end. Smiling to myself I collected my groceries and walked out the door.   

I check online for the daily temperatures. Then, I step outside to see if the winds are blowing.

 Or if it is summer… or is the sun shining?  Or not!  

In town they also have more tree coverage. All this gives them a slightly warmer winter temperatures than where I am at, just mere two and half miles ‘down the road.’ 

 Heavy sigh!

What does all that mean?  Well, when the temperature online is 11 degrees above zero. Like it is right now! Where I’m at it’s … 5 degrees.  Heat wave!

It will get colder….

 Years ago, I made a bright yellow garden sign with this poem;

“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.”

~John Ruskin

10 thoughts on “My Wind Is Stronger Than Your Wind~”

  1. These frosted leaves look delicious to me, your people are brave enough to stand that kind of hush winds and bitter cold, not me, I am in south central, only snow in February…

    I love the quotes in purple, it is very well done!

    Sweet dreams to you and to your visitors here!

  2. lol yeah we get high winds, not enough to damage anything except the odd chimney falling or old tree, however it can do damage, was laughing at your comment on twitter the cackling almost began as I read the sentence my wind is stronger than yours, the mind boggles and yet its not like a man to see the funny side lol, excellent piece as always.. wow it must be Christmas two pieces in the one

    take care..

    1. Willam,
      I love your comments! I almost didn’t’ post at all. Then I walked out for the mail… I have some writing to work on. I am having a hard time, I just love this Blog.

      When I wrote that title, I walked away from the computer, when I came back and reread it; I laughed and decided to keep it as it was.


  3. I rather like strong winds. Actually, I tend to like most extreme weather (except heat and rain).

    In Madrid, we have these roll down shutters / blinds on all the windows (every one has shuttered windows in Madrid – along with high walled fences around teh perimeter) and one of thm vibrates like mad in strong winds. I can’t find anything obviously loose or flappy.

  4. richard,
    Same here, I melt in the heat.
    When clouds roll overhead the sight is breath-taking!

    That vibration could just be the winds hit that window the hardest.

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