Day 26 ‘Z’ for NaNoWriMo Z to the power of eight

Day 26 letter Z’ for  Zinker & Zenzizenzizenzic & ZYZZYVA & Zhou Xuanjing

Last night, I realized that I had surpassed my 50,000 words. {{Happy Dance}}

‘Z ‘ for Zinker

“All creative activity begins with movement.”~Joseph Zinker

‘Z ‘ for Zenzizenzizenzic

Zenzizenzizenzic is the eighth power of a number

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

“Zenzizenzizenzic is an obsolete form of mathematical notation representing the eighth power of a number (that is, the zenzizenzizenzic of x is x8), dating from a time when powers were written out in words rather than as superscript numbers. This term was suggested by Robert Recorde, a 16th-century Welsh writer of popular mathematics textbooks, in his 1557 work The Whetstone of Witte (although his spelling was zenzizenzizenzike); he wrote that it “doeth represent the square of squares squaredly”.” ~

Let’s say your number is Seven, seven to the power of eight, or 78
It will  look like this:

7x7x7x7x7x7x7x7= 56 x 56 =3136

Or with 28


‘Z ‘ for ZYZZYVA

ZYZZYVA the about section:

“ZYZZYVA’s first issue was published in 1985, under founding editor Howard Junker. In 2011, Laura Cogan became ZYZZYVA’s first new editor in more than 25 years. She and Managing Editor Oscar Villalon make up ZYZZYVA’s editorial team.”~

“We accept submissions only from January 7 through May 31 and September 1 through November 19. Please send previously unpublished fiction, poetry, essays, and artwork to:…. Please note: We do not accept any online submissions.”


‘Z ‘ for Zhou
Poems by Zhou Xuanjing

The secret of the receptive
Must be sought in stillness;
Within stillness there remains
The potential for action.
If you force empty sitting,
Holding dead images in mind,
The tiger runs, the dragon flies-
How can the elixir be given?


Zhou Xuanjing was from the 12th century. she was a Chinese Taoist.
Read about the history of Taoism HERE:

So that is Z to the power of four. 


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