Cloned Monkey

I was reading the news concerning cloned monkeys. And I got a chill.   Will this open up the ability of labs to test and torture animals because they don’t believe them to be unique? Oh, wait they do that now.

Animals used in research is important and they suffer for us, we need to ensure they are only used after weighing all the information.

I read that cloning will help with the testing of cancer and Alzheimer’s. I don’t see how.  It will take years and then what?

“This would enable scientists to tweak genes the monkeys have that are linked to human disease, and then monitor how this alters the animals’ biology, comparing it against animals that are genetically identical except for the alterations. It could accelerate the hunt for genes and processes that go wrong in these diseases, and ways to correct them, the team says.”~   

Screen shot of youtube video

Ethical questions

But….Will we be back to blinding rabbits because they can be cloned and will be considered disposable for profit?

University of Wisconsin-Madison was running tests on cats, drilling holes in their heads to improve human hearing, that testing was shut down in 2015.

“UW has used domestic cats in such experiments for more than 30 years.”

“…the agriculture department fined the university $35,000 last year (2014) for seven separate violations of the Animal Welfare Act, citing instances of animal negligence.”


Money, Money, Money makes the profit outweigh life. All and every life has a dollar sign next to it. I don’t see these animals being protected. They will be hidden behind closed doors.

I don’t believe anyone, who will be on the receiving end of accolades and profit; now or later, will stop the unethical treatment of any living creature, if they can gain something from it.

I can only hope these living test tube monkeys will be treated well and not live their lives out in a lab and worse.

I am not sure about that…

Right now, me, you,  all of us put our lives; our families, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters in the hands of a health industry that profits if we stay us sick….Just saying.

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