Prince Thank You for the music

Prince was a part of my life, even though I was never able to attend his concerts or meet the man, the singer, the dancer, and the artist. My moments are interweaved with his music and are still part of my life. I would play his songs when I hung out with my friends, friends who, sadly, died young. Just listening and dancing to Prince’s songs brings them back.

I listened to Prince on date nights, sung and danced to with my sister to ‘Little Red Corvette’ and rocked with my kids.

Prince’s songs are part the human condition. Dare you to close your eyes, and see if you can’t help but rock out with, ‘U got the look’ or D.M.S.R.

He was there for major and minor life changes. When my day was disheartening listening to, ‘When Doves Cry ‘made me feel. When New Years Eve came around and I was at work, I cranked up a radio and played, ‘1999.’ Just crying in the dark, or dancing away depression, anger, or a breakup, didn’t matter when I cranked up ‘PartyMan.’

Prince’s life intersected with my life, with my kids, every time I turned on the radio, MTV, or remember driving in a car with the rusted out floors, eating ketchup on bread, Princes songs, his voice, his essence was right there with me.

And lets not forget, the man was damn sexy. {{HOT}}

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