Time to say goodbye to Uriah.

The sun slipped behind a dark cloud, and for a moment I felt
the gentle rain cry down.  I closed my
eyes and listened to the large droplets patter across the dried leaves.   I
opened my eyes and looked to the Bog Willows and four year old Maples whose
leaves were a deep gold and red.

In my mind I saw as the ghost of time replayed their planting:  Uriah grabbing a sapling running off with a happy bounce, expecting, hoping I would chase him down.  Zeus ran in a circle teasing Uriah with his favorite stuffed toy hanging from his mouth.  Samson barked at the trees keeping real and imagined foes hidden in the trees.

Pain shimmered as reality stopped and slid around me like
the mists that form over the dew laden grass.

Maple leaves clapped in the reappearing blue sky and sunshine,
and a warm breeze drifted past.

I felt the ghosts of
my dogs move through the tall grass.  I heard them panting as they ran, happily barking and playing between the trees, sounds that drifted from my memory into this warm October afternoon.

I fell to my knees as tears streamed down my face.  I stroked  Uriah’s thick fur  gently as he lay panting. He looked up at me then looked away towards the trees. I felt we were both hearing the same echoes.
He drank from his water bowl.  I whispered how happy I was to have known him
and what a good dog he had been.

He didn’t cry. I was the one who moaned as I pulled myself upright, leaning on my cane, he watched with a worried look and tried to stand.

I told Uriah I loved him so much, and it was time to run and
play with Samson and Zeus, and one day we will all walk together again.

I helped him into the house, where he fell asleep and never woke up.

When Uriah died tonight I thought of everyone here, and how much this blog kept me writing. I hope everyone is doing well.

9 thoughts on “Time to say goodbye to Uriah.”

  1. Gerardine I am mortified, never knew Uriah was ill, what a loss, I think its one of the most traumatic experiences we can have watching our best friend departing, we love them so much, we hope they will live forever. I know Uriah had a good life and if he could talk would probably have thanked you for the amazing life he had.
    I think that video sums him up to a t, I am pretty upset so will stop here, I know he will have a great life in Dog heaven, I feel your loss.xx

    1. William, Uriah’s death was fast, one day he was out of sorts, then gone by night fall. My heart broke. I couldn’t go outside for days, Michael kept trying to cheer me up, and he still is.
      When a pet dies it’s like the loss of a child.
      Uriah is now running with his two brothers that went before him. He had a great dog’s life. He ran with the winds, with deer and coyotes. He protected me and helped me walk into trouble. I had fun and was given lots of doggy love. I miss him terribly. thank you for your kind words.
      Gerardine xxx

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