The last day, day 28 for the Haiku Challenge

Day 28 for the Haiku Challenge

Life makes a sound

Rattles, Sings, Roars and Whistles

Can you hear your life?


Rush, rush, rush!  Ease up

Life comes at you full speed,

Step off the tracks and rest


Walk the rail, kick the gravel

Dance forward, feel the vibration

Just don’t forget, home


This is the last day of The Haiku Challenge. I had fun!  I hope you enjoyed reading my Haikus and you followed the links to other poets. Maybe you wrote a few yourself, If not, try it!  

The snow is melting, sort of. Everything is covered in a very,  slippery coating of ice, right now it’s glistening in the sunlight. Such dangerous beauty!  I finally got a camera that works; now I need to set up the software and start snapping pictures.  See you outside on our walking path..:-)

Here is the link to the last day of the Haiku Challenge Blog…

9 thoughts on “The last day, day 28 for the Haiku Challenge”

  1. this has been a marathon, and as always you mastered the challenge and in my view blasted it, beautiful set of haikus, and well done, and also thank you dear for the kind birthday message I had a wonderful day xxx

  2. given you the perfect poet award for week 39, visit me to claim…

    welcome join poets rally week 39 ot poetry potluck week 25..


    thanks for being my first poetic friend in blogging world.

    you rock.

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