Haiku challenge Day 11~ Faith and a salute to animal rescues everywhere!

Haiku Challenge day 11


I decide to be happy 

I will walk and run for love 

I wait for my angel


She will pick me up have faith

Rescue angels I am waiting-

I want a forever home-

Day 11…


I salute all those wonderful people who, on a daily basis try and save dogs like this one.

Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue out of Georgia, is just one of those organizations that try to find “forever homes’ for abused and neglected animals.

 Here’s their link…http://bit.ly/5lLaYi

What group do you know of that saves animals? Post their link here, and on my Facebook page. They give faith out every day.  Let’s pass them a little of our own, and a gigantic ‘Thank You’ for all their hard work!

23 thoughts on “Haiku challenge Day 11~ Faith and a salute to animal rescues everywhere!”

    1. Kristen Haskell,
      Thank you! My babies are all rescue animals too. They are so sweet and loving.
      I can’t say enough for people who give up all their time to run animal rescues
      Have a beautiful weekend!

  1. We have forever homes for 3 dogs and 8 cats … wouldn’t trade any one of them … and have FAITH, I am going to manifest >1000 acres of animal sanctuary with unlimited resources and staff – to give as many a chance as possible.

    Great Haiku and attention prompt!! Thank you!

    1. Becca Givens,

      Such a wonderful idea! I was speaking to, Rebecca of Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue and that is exactly what she needs. I hope you both are able to manifest those dreams into reality. They are truly needed.
      Have a wonderful week!

  2. Gerardine, you are the best.. You have written so well.. Nice tribute to her and thanks for the initiative..

    Someone is Special

  3. Hi – no need to run to the dictionary with my Haiku. I have added links to Websters for the definitions. They are located just under the video.

    I use http://www.merriam-webster.com/ to help me create my Haikus. I am glad that you are enjoying them. The video is just supposed to be a fun example.

    I love your Haiku. I rescued five angels. If you want to see their pictures I have a running slide show of the animals in my life. Enjoy.

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