Haiku Challenge day 9~ I see the piglets in their pen..

I seemed to have jumped from day 7 to day nine all in the matter of less than 24 hours. I really am out of it. Here is day 9 of the Haiku challenge:


for haiku challengeday 9

The grass under our feet

Grows sideways ahead of

The piglet’s eventual escape

11 thoughts on “Haiku Challenge day 9~ I see the piglets in their pen..”

  1. Awesome Haiku, loved your thoughts..

    PS: Gerardine, I don’t think you are out of this challenge.. Still you have 20 more days.. So enjoy.. I see some confusion in this post.. You can find the challenge prompts here: http://pendownmythought.blogspot.com/p/haiku-challenge.html

    Write a Haiku inspired by the theme and link yourself on that day post, (You have submitted your link in the correct post thanks for that).. Hmm, hoping to have a great Haiku Journey with you..


    Someone is Special

  2. homely,

    Glad to see you doing this meme.

    feel free to link one of your piece to Jingle Poetry potluck today, we are closing within a hour, yet if you active for once, we place your blog link in the blogroll and thanks for the attention.


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