Beauty in the skies! ~NANoWriMo is everyone pounding the keys?

 Yesterday, started out as a beautiful day, blue skies, white puffy clouds, and a slightly cool breeze. Within a few hours the day changed drastically.

Winds picked up, as the clouds literally touched the ground. The view was magnificent!


 As I faced east, the blue sky had disappeared and the sunlight came out of that dense and dark low cloud. I could see its top. A yellowish-gray, making everything look oddly, dirty yellow, like I was wearing yellow tinted sunglasses. 

I took Uriah for a walk, in that defused yellow light


When I turned and faced west, the sky was filled with higher, puffy white clouds slipping underneath a beautiful deep blue sky. I turned back and forth so many times I though I would get whiplash.


I stood off on the very back of the path, and watched the clouds touch the ground east of me. The rain in that area must have been heavy. Streaks of blue-black clouds raced across the sky, some of them losing the battle to stay air borne, and dropped to the ground in an equally dark curtain of rain.


Uriah decided to take a break from sniffing and running between the trees. He stared at my pockets, where I remembered to put his biscuit.   

“Uriah! Look the rain is coming towards us!”

He gave me a goofy grin, and then stared out over the empty corn field.

I watched the dark line of rain marking its path across the plowed field, edging slowly towards us. I heard the pattering sound, before I felt the sharp pieces of ice rain.

Uriah stood up, shook the ice off his coat and started back towards the house. He looked once back at me, as if he were telling me to get moving.

I laughed, and held my hands open to catch the frozen water. “Hey, Uriah! It’s snowing!”


 Uriah shook his head at me and looked miffed, as he disappeared into the tree line.

Once again, I am participating in the 2010 National Novel Writing month. I have posted four articles on the Examiner, dealing with writing.  And I will add short videos that will be posted with the articles.


I went into this without a plan. I had a character that I created a few years ago. Every so often I try and pull her out, she refused to be involved in any story line, until this year. 


If anyone has an idea for a topic or if there is something you want to see. Maybe you’re busy with your own NaNoWriMo writing, that’s great!  Drop me a note, when you’re done.

If you want to, add comments you can do it here, or go at the examiner, or on Youtube. Email is even great.

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This was taken with a webcam, my camera is still getting fixed, at least I hope!

7 thoughts on “Beauty in the skies! ~NANoWriMo is everyone pounding the keys?”

  1. hello My Walking Path , i read your blog , this a nice blog and greatly. Good for everyone. useful Nature Writing and Rambling content. i going to often to read and review your site.

  2. Looks like you may have snow for Thanksgiving. I think that is awesome. I would love snow just for Christmas Day and then it can go away. LOL Love your story, and good luck with the contest. Hugs and Love Vi

    1. Viola,
      I am very happy to see you online, I hope you are feeling well! I was wondering how your writing is coming along?
      You sound like me, I want snow for the holidays then it can melt lol! Thank you, hugs I love you too, be safe!

    1. lawrenceez,
      Ice rain is the worst. So cold! The good thing was most of it bounced off me. So far so good with nanowrimo, I am behind on word count but I have been posting daily. I hope I can keep it up. Have a great week!

    1. William Manson,
      Thank you! That is taking up a lot of time and energy. Uriah hates it, I spend more time on the computer, I really shouldn’t. It will be nice tomorrow, so outside I will go! Have a wonderful day! Miss you, xxx Gerardine

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