Walking in a field of lace~poetry

I took a walk intent on what I was to see

Tall grass and wildflowers

Mud and toads, grasshoppers and birds

But my intent was not to be


Even though each flower had grown spirited and tall

The winds interfered with my view

Grasshoppers hopped under my clothing,

And the mud enticed me to fall


I sat in the middle of a pattern of lace

My intent shifted over wind swept fields

I connected within that moment, and

I watched the bees and butterflies race

20 thoughts on “Walking in a field of lace~poetry”

  1. you write such glorious things Ger, the imagery makes you feel as if you were there, could almost smell the flowers in the feilds, exceptional, glad to have u back busy lady xxxx

  2. William,
    thank you for stopping by. I am behind in reading your poems. I printed them out so I have them with me. I will stop over and comment this weekend. I hope you are doing well!
    Gerardine xxx

  3. Gerardine this is simply a wonderful post. I could smell the flowers and wish I was there walking through them. Of course everyone who knows me know that I love wild flowers and nature. Thank you for bringing back happy memories to me.

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