Any idea what this is?~ Zucchini eating cat..or is it the other way around


I have a few plants growing that I never planted. One looks like a Gourd. Or, maybe it’s yellow squash??

Sanosuke and Kaoru love Zucchini. It can be raw, or cooked they will gobble it up.

Here’s another what is this..Eggplant? Watermelon? Audrey II?

This one is growing on the west end of the garden, next to a pumpkin

Here’s the pumpkin..

19 thoughts on “Any idea what this is?~ Zucchini eating cat..or is it the other way around”

  1. lol u go girl, these look superb, the spoils of the land and home grown u cannot beat it, loved the pics of the guys in amongst the goodies lol xxx

    1. William,
      I tired the eggplant today, I breaded and fried it in olive oil and served with pasta and red sauce. It was tasty. Next I’ll try vegetable lasagna. I will probably eat some raw with some raspberry vinaigrette.
      Have a great weekend!
      Gerardine xx

    1. Heather,
      Oddly it looks like both when I cut into it, but it didn’t smell like zucchini,( green) It was had a very solid flesh, I love it. I gave my neighbor the two shown above; even before he saw them he said eggplant. He told me they come in different colors.

    1. trisha,
      Great advice! I hope your doing well. That picture is the moon, it was so pretty and huge it looks like it could be the sun. I need to add a tap where I keep copies of my banners.
      Have a perfectly happy weekend.

  2. Gerardine, enjoyed your compilation of photos, videos and poetry. You seem to be living in some idyllic place with birds and flowers and the bogs nearby.
    My cat caught a bird too and we managed to release it from his mouth- another birdie came indoors , fluttered around and died. We get a lot of humming birds around here too.
    Hope you are feeling better now.
    cheers & regards

    1. Suja,
      I am doing better.

      I am glad you enjoy my Blog, I haven’t seen any Hummingbirds this year, I need to pay more attention.

      Birds that get caught indoors sometimes their little hearts can’t take the stress.

      I am glad you can enjoy the hummingbirds, to bad the birds won’t stay outdoors.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

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