Uriah killed That Rat!~ One down…

Hello, everyone!  This has been a very long, tiring month. With Michael unable to drive, I have been doing all the driving. Normally that wouldn’t be an issue, but I have a back injury that makes it hard for me to sit, stand, and walk for even short periods of time.  Before, we were taking turns driving, now it’s all me. With multiple doctor appointments for all of us, including our teenager who will start ninth grade August 16th, I am having trouble even checking my emails. 

Now on to other happenings..

Yesterday Uriah killed, ‘That Rat’!

Where’d he go!

We were standing next to the garden. I was complaining about all the tomatoes that have been eaten in the past week. Thirteen! Thirteen big beautiful tomatoes!

I can’t say for sure it was a rat that ate the tomatoes, it could have been the skunk, a family lives near the barn. Or the opossum, one tried to take up residence in the dog house. Maybe raccoons!  There are plenty of those around. Even coyotes love tomatoes. Do foxes eat tomatoes?

What they looked like, then they were gone!

Anyway, Uriah turned away from me and started nosing around a square drainage tube that was lying at the top end of the garden. Ground squirrels like to hide there. I raised the tube to slide out the animal, and it held on inside tight. I rolled it over, and over until it was pointed at the Bog Willows and the rodent slid out.  A very fat, cute reddish rat ran a zigzagged pattern towards the trees.

Uriah looked up at me, surprised.

“Hey, you go catch that rat!” Ooops! I used the wrong word. Rat sounds like cat, Uriah isn’t supposed to chase a cat, and so he sat and watched it run. I pointed at the rat and yelled.  “Mouse! Get that mouse!”

 Uriah hesitated, then started chasing it through the grass. 

Yes, it squeaked, so do Ground Squirrels and Chipmunks. I almost called Uriah off. Almost..

The chase lasted only a minute or two, with Uriah tossing it into the air, then turning in circles and a giant leap, then silence.  Uriah waited. I praised him and gave him a pork rawhide bone. He happily trotted off, while I moved the body to the burn pile, fully intending to burn the tree branches and that rat, tomorrow. 

We were due at the doctors in an hour and I won’t light a fire if I’m not around. So that was the plan, tomorrow light the fire…

It rained all night. The trees are flooded.  The water line is inching towards the house and overflowing the burn pile. I need another plan…

 Link on Chipmunks and Ground Squirrels:


13 thoughts on “Uriah killed That Rat!~ One down…”

  1. Hey a garden to wildlife has got to be like a grocery store to humans–food supply.
    And those tomatoes look like wonderfully yummy even green. So no surprise they were a delight to some critter’s tummy.

      1. One bite–lol–sounds like those people who eat their way through a grocery store opening and eating from everything they see.
        Yeah, that is a bummer. If they just found one and ate it all and left the rest alone it would be easier to take. Apparently they’re lacking in such politeness.

  2. ah so he finally caught one, superb maybe the rest will take heed and move on, fabulous story dear, we dont read enough from you xxx THANK YOU for all your kind comments on my story you and they are very much appreciated xxx


    Sounds like you may need to have a rat funeral, before he gets real stinky! If that happens you might have a fight getting it away from Uriah. I know my dogs love stinky things!

    Bummer about the tomatos.

  4. Heather,
    It’s already smelling! I hope today’s sunshine dries up some of the grass around it so it can have a little fire.

    Uriah is proud of himself he keeps going back to where he killed and rolls on the grass. He needs a bath. lol!

    Have a great week!

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