Sanosuke and Kaoru love to watch the Purple Martins, doing what Martins do best, catching mosquitoes

Purple Martins are very brave or very stupid, I haven’t figured out which, yet.

Martins will dive bomb anyone that comes out the door.  They have a fit when I’m standing on the back deck. They will swoop and whistle. Nearly hitting me and Uriah! The cats watch from the inside windows and love the attention they’re getting from those beautiful little birds.

I have never seen feathers that matte black, it reminds me of charcoal. I have to admit my camera isn’t able to capture their beauty.

I love having them around. I will overlook their mud nests because they eat their weight in mosquitoes daily.

Purple Martins have nested around my house for years, sometimes with dire consequences. They can build a nest fast; within two hours they can set up home. My first summer in this house, I made a mistake of leaving the garage doors open while I cleaned out the garage. I had no idea they had made a nest on the electric overhead garage door opener. So when I was finished I closed the birds in the garage, accidentally. The only reason I knew they were trapped, was when one of my cats brought a bird into the house and let it go…

10 thoughts on “Sanosuke and Kaoru love to watch the Purple Martins, doing what Martins do best, catching mosquitoes”

  1. How interesting! I just love watching birds building their nests, raising babies and repeating the process year after year. They truly are fasinateing creatures.

  2. fascinating, loved this ger, bet they look spooky at dusk lol, your videos are always worth watching and they are colorful, hope you are well, take care xxx

  3. Love your video and watching the birds. I too am a bird watcher and love it. I have been praying for you Gerardine. Have to go now will see you later when I come home from the hospital.

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