I Think I Saw A Weather Balloon!~ Or, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”~ The Wizard of Oz

Captain Jack Harkness ~ “Wanna know a secret? So did I. And just for a second there I felt so alive.”

Yesterday, in the middle of a thunderstorm, with multiple warnings flashing across the television and of course being me, I stood outside on the deck watching the clouds.


Stupid? Yes!

It was amazing! At one point lightning streaked across the sky in a vein of pink and white.   Then in the same spot, the lightning flashed again, this time with multiple tentacles stretching outward, looking like a fireworks display.

Silver white and pink!

 Followed a few seconds later by a cracking roll that shook the ground!

 That flash had sent me in for my camera.  I wanted to capture a picture of that lightning!

Ready! Set! Okay sky smile!

Each time I pointed the camera upward, the lightning would flash in a different spot, above, or behind me.

I noticed a low hanging cloud that seemed to swirl all on its own. I thought, just maybe this was makings of a tornado and I should be inside. I turned off my camera and glanced up before I pulled open the door.  A solid object half appeared for a second, as the clouds drifted slightly.   Before I had a chance take a picture, the cloud moved back around the object, covering it and as it moved upward.

Can you see it? Shaped like an upside down triangle with rounded edges. It is nearly invisible behind the cloud cover.

It was solid, not part of the clouds. Any ideas? Guesses? Funny captions?

Weather balloon?

No lights! And it didn’t move fast, it just hovered.

Maybe I witnessed one too many lightning hits!

My eyes were playing tricks on me.

The Jupiter II slipped out of storage!

With all the odd weather we have been having I would guess at a weather balloon. If I were a meteorologist I would be recording these weather patterns.

Ever see anything odd in the clouds and wonder; Huh! ?

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”~ The Wizard of Oz
Michael took this picture after the storm. 

32 thoughts on “I Think I Saw A Weather Balloon!~ Or, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”~ The Wizard of Oz”

  1. When I taught preschool I had to take so many hours of classes every year. One year I took children’s art. The teacher instructed us to drop paint onto the center of a piece of construction paper and then fold it into half. Once everyone had done those steps she instructed us to press down on the paper and then open it up. The paint had made a picture. She asked each student to stand and tell what kind of picture their paint made. I was the only student in my class who could see pictures so I ended up telling everyone what their picture was. I was told that I had an eye for art.

    I also love looking at the clouds and telling what pictures they formed. I can see pictures in your clouds as well.

    The animal’s face in your cloud looks like a lamb, but it has the body and tail of a lion. Its back leg and feet look like it is kicking upward. Standing directly in front of the animal’s front leg is what appears to be a young boy. He has his hand ball into a fist like he is fighting what appears to be a small bear. Directly by the nose and mouth of the animal that look like a lamb and lion is what appears to be a devil.

    Well my friend this is what I see.

    1. Viola,

      Wow! That is wonderful! I have never had anyone give such a vivid description as you do. As I read your depiction of the clouds I wondered what your grandchildren see, when they watch the clouds drift by.
      Thank you for posting your comment it was beautiful!
      Have a creative weekend!

  2. wow ger thats amazing, its a great thing to watch, you captured it very well, very brave also standing at the edge of the decking watching the spectacle, and its free, lol no cost of expensive fireworks, great pics have a peaceful sunny weekend its 30 here on Sunday. xxxx

  3. So cool!! When we lived in the Midwest, I used to love the storms. But here in the Pacific Northwest, even though it’s very cloudy and often rainy, we don’t get (m)any really good storms. Guess I’ll just have to live vicarious through your cool pics. A dolphin indeed!

  4. Those were great pictures! I love standing outside and watching storms – not only are they one of the most beautiful things that nature can produce, but they’re so powerful.
    That’s strange about the possible weather balloon – one of those mysteries I guess. But it does make sense.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I didn’t see anything, but I believe you! I have tried over and over again to catch lightening on camera and still can’t get it.

    Love that pic your hubby took! Just gorgeous!

  6. I can’t see it, but I have no doubt that you did! I absolutely love the sky, especially with a storm rolling in. Granted, I’m terrified of tornados, so I’d probably be in the storm shelter, but I’m getting better! I couldn’t have lived back in the days where there was no warning! I would have spent my entire life in a storm shelter!

    Anyway, great pics!


    1. Christinambw.
      Most of the time we aren’t warned. Once a friend called to tell me that a tornado was spotted a half mile from me. I was wondering why the lights had gone out!

      Glad you liked the pictures!


  7. I just LOVE clouds I would be totally destroyed if clouds no longer existed . I am running a weekly little game of the same nature where I post a photo of clouds and see what people find in them and it is so interesting to see what comes out and it also stretches the mind and clears out a few cobwebs. Love your posts. Just thought I should do a weekly blog post on it as well as the facebook.. thanks for the idea ..lol

  8. It might have been some thing. or it might have been trick of eyes, as you said yourself. its barely visible in the pic to form any concrete opinion.

    i too love storms and watch them.

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