Poem…Without Fear!~ June 21st World Peace and Prayer Day!~

“Without Fear”

There was a little boy who walked across the road

He wanted to see where the wolves had gone

His mother warned him not to wander

Nature is dangerous and needs to be feared

Still, he only looked back once, then sprinted

Between the trees into the darkened corners

Leaves formed a canopy over his head

He delighted in that secret place, and ran on

He saw a flash of grey fur and a shimmer

As the sun flashed off the wolves’ laughing eyes

Without fear he stepped into a clearing

An upsweep of flowers white and yellow and blue and red

A place where cinnamon perfumed plants grew

The boy stopped, his mother’s warning echoed

And fear grew, and he picked up a stick

A wolf cub ran up to him and pulled on his pant leg

Fear had him raise the stick above his head

       Fear had him swing the stick at the pup

Its mother looked up, when she heard the yelp

The eyes of its mother showed fear

             Fear that had shown in his own mother’s eyes

                   Fear that that placed that stick in his hand

                         Fear that now mirrored in the pup’s eyes

The boy dropped to his knees and cried

             He cried for seeing a threat that wasn’t there

                   He cried for what he lost by allowing fear, control

                         He cried for the pup he had hurt

The mother wolf trotted over to her pup

She licked his wounds until he wiggled happily

Then she turned to the boy and licked his tears away

When the sun touched the edge of the earth

And the sky turned pink, then red, then purple, then black

The boy came out of the trees

His mother was waiting, tortured, with fear

He raced to her and tired to explain what he saw

                     She did not hear him

                          She clung to him in a panic

He patted her back and hugged her shaking shoulders

Then he pulled away, and looked back towards the trees

             …without fear




Remember, June 21st World Peace and Prayer Day. I posted a poem on June 4th.  Take a minute and send out a prayer for the earth, a prayer to stop the oil spilling in to the Gulf and our oceans and all our lives.

 Take a moment, one second, to pray. Pray for the earth to sustain.

Picture is from, Word Clipart

31 thoughts on “Poem…Without Fear!~ June 21st World Peace and Prayer Day!~”

  1. beautiful poem and photo .. interesting go looking for something different to find this .. I hope it is okay i have shared it on my Facebook page the whole link that will lead to this post for everyone to enjoy as I did : )

    1. Coralie Plozza,
      I am very happy you found me and enjoyed the visit.
      Thank you for stopping by. I will head over to your Blog, too.
      Thank you for posting this on your Facebook page.
      Have a wonderful day!

  2. Beautiful poem, that touches into the core. Nice reminder of what is under fear.

    It is also Summer Solstice today, so that ties in nicely with World Peace and prayer day when the sun is out the longest in the atmosphere. Thereafter the days get shorter.

    Today is a day great for attuning and for connecting with the earth, and letting your intentions rise. (Soltices tend to have more power than New Year’s as they make way for the new via the sun and power)

    Also a full moon on Friday, so ties in nicely with intentions and gives way for self actualization, to put them into place.

    Keep an eye out for your body today, as these energy shifts from the sun and moon easily transmit to our own cords, and at times can affect if we are open to it’s energy.

    Have a blessed day, whatever may come your way. 🙂 xx

  3. This is a beautiful story poem Gerardine, and had me on the edge of my seat. I don’t have time to write a poem for today, but I am praying with everyone.

  4. Geradine, thank you, merci, gracias for spreading a message of loving our world and all the living things it is home to. And you message about fear — oh it’s priceless.

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