If I Were A Mushroom What Type Would I Be?~

This is to explain that header I put up. You can see Uriah in the background. Once he saw me taking pictures he decided to leave.

That white ball in the foreground is a mushroom.

It is seven and half inches high, and grew in full sun.

I have no idea what type it is. Do you?

12 thoughts on “If I Were A Mushroom What Type Would I Be?~”

  1. It looks more like a toad stool to me, Gerardine, of course I could be wrong. Anyways no matter what kind it is or what it is, you have yourself some beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. That is neat. I have no clue what type.

    Funny now that I think about it I have only seen one type of mushroom around here. They are a ugly brown color, nothing as pretty as that one.

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