YouTube Video From Rebecca Novak In Georgia!~ Or, Walking The Green Mile on Four Paws!~

Here is a video from Rebecca Novak she took these pictures at the Dekalb Animal Control in Georgia.

I laughed and cried as I watched these dogs on death row.

Please!  Pass this on!

 I was going to post this as a response to a comment.  Then I decided it needed to be posted up front with the video.

Pit-Bulls are tortured to be mean.  Pit-bulls were bred to be a nursemaid; a family’s protector.

We should have stricter laws protecting animals from abusers and exploiters.

But, so many people turn away from the anger and evil, allowing the exploiters to treat animals and people so cruelly. It filters into everyday living. We can see it in the oil spill, and the disregard for life there.   

It is sad we can’t even fully protect humans from cruelty. 

When that cruelty falls on innocent animals, and then rolls over children due to the disrespect and self-serving greed of an abuser, then we all feel the pain.

 There are more than Pit-Bulls in that video. Maybe some one will adopt them.

Also, Rebecca Novak won’t allow a dog to go to a home with out training both the dog and the owners.  

She works with a team of wonderful animal rescuers in Georgia.

9 thoughts on “YouTube Video From Rebecca Novak In Georgia!~ Or, Walking The Green Mile on Four Paws!~”

    1. Viola,
      I am so sorry you saw that violence and it caused you to be afraid of pit bulls.

      I feel so badly for you. I wish I could give you a hug.

      I hope you and your husband are doing well.

  1. Dear Ger

    sadly I could not watch this, the mere thought of any animal being treated even the slightest bit bad turns my stommoch and fills me with rage, yes these poor creatures will find homes, there are people like us that care, and if I had my own land and house be sure I would home all animals like these, very sad xxx

    1. William,
      I say the same thing, I just wish there was somethng more I could do than just post the video’s. I asked Rebecca about pit-bulls being seeing eye dogs, she said one of her’s ( foster dogs) is in a class now, and if no one adopts him he will continue with the training to be a seeing eye dog.

      I saw a couple of dogs in that video that looked like Uriah:-(

      Gerardine xx

  2. Hi Gerardine, it is ok sweetie, I don’t blame the pit bulls, he only did what his owner trained him to do. I love animals, and it makes me so upset to see one being mistreated, and I believe when an owner train their dogs to attack people that is mistreating the animal, because they are putting the animal’s life in danger too. My oldest daughter loves animals too; she adopted 2 cats, and 4 dogs. They all love their grandma (Me) LOL every holiday they give me a card and gift, and on my birthday too. Grandma sure does love them even if she is allergic to them. I hold them and love on them. The doctors have found out what is wrong with my husband. He went into the hospital to get well and the doctors made him sicker by giving him too much antibiotics through an IV. He has a bacteria call C Diff. Hope you have a good evening sweetie.

    1. Viola,
      That is so sweet. I know you love animals, you have a kind heart.
      I hope they didn’t do any damage to his body. He has gone through so much.
      Have a wonderful tomorrow!

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