Magic beans And Happy Fairies Planted A Garden!~Or, What’s The Name Of That Herb?~

With one of my cats, PJ sitting to my right I finally began typing out this Blog. The past week has been full of gardening fun, rain, high humidity, cold weather and todays temperatures pushed me into air-conditioning.  The range has been maddeningly painful.

Last Saturday a family of magical beings came by and helped turn over the garden and plant some vegetables. They stayed only about three hours, but during that time I was able to talk to, and walk around with three little boys, while their parents grunted and groaned, as they dug, straightened and chopped up large chunks of dirt and moved around rocks.

When the boys spotted the rocks, the middle one was enthralled by the odd shapes and sizes. He wanted to take some home so they could make their own, Stonehenge under a tree in their back yard.  I was in agreement, so a pile was formed and a box appeared from the barn, a sturdy box that would hold all the rocks. Their father didn’t’ realize those rocks, when placed in a box, would weigh a ton and a hernia, until he tried to pick them up.

 Being a magical family, the boys had hoped to float the box of rocks above the ground. But alas, they forgot their fairy dust and had to settle on using a simple dolly.

 In the meantime, Uriah was being ridden like a horse.  A horse that was too tired to stand. He laid on the ground while the youngest boy sat upon his back and held tight to his ears.  I was worried Uriah wouldn’t like this, but when I saw his furry face he had a happy doggy grin. Finally, Uriah got tired of the game and stood up. Luckily the littlest guy was expecting this to happen, so he jumped off Uriah and gave him a big hug.

Uriah heard something in the trees and did his slow walk towards them. He kept looking back at me. When I finally turned my back, he slipped in-between the trees. Totally vanishing between the green leaves and heavy branches

Uriah’s normal disappearing act caused great distress to the youngest boy. He called Uriah’s name over and over, it must have seemed like hours to him instead of minutes, until Uriah reappeared to hugs and kisses. Uriah looked up at me, I shrugged and he happily trotted off with the little guy running along behind him.

Because of that extra help, I was able to plant a large amount in a short time.

This morning the rain was still pouring down, watering the seeds and plants, allowing the garden to take root, now, that also means the weeds will have a fighting chance too. I haven’t used weed killers or inhibitors in many a year. I prefer the old fashion wrestling techniques… I pull and the weeds pull back:-)

20 thoughts on “Magic beans And Happy Fairies Planted A Garden!~Or, What’s The Name Of That Herb?~”

  1. I can just imagine the box of rocks, and the kids.
    I can picture the gardening, your stories have always been so vivid Gerardine 😉

    How I would love to have a garden one day.

    1. Lily,
      I headed over to your Blog and found out about the contest I hope I was in time to help you. Good luck with it and I hope your grandfather will come home soon.
      Thank you for your wonderful comments.
      Have a great healthy week!


  2. Oh, how I do remember those days, and I wish I had them again. I live in an apartment but am really thinking about getting me some of those hanging things that will grow tomatoes, cucumbers, and strawberries. Love your post, and I agree with you about doing the weeding wrestling techniques.

    1. Viola,
      I tried to grow and upside down tomato plant years ago, the trick is to water it daily.
      I hope all is well with you and yours.
      Have a great week, don’t over do.

  3. uriah seems a lovely dog. its great to have a good natured dog.

    you write so beautiful that the whole scene takes form in front of the eyes.

  4. Those kids tug at my heart, wanting to take those rocks. I would too!
    Sounds like Uriah had soo much fun, he will probably sleep for days!
    A garden is hard work, so glad the fairies came to help!

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